Friday, 28 June 2013

Wolf Pack Mates book 1 out today

The Alpha Takes a Mate (MFM) BDSM Shape-Shifter

Taige York, Eve Lang, and Ginny Thomas move to an old schoolhouse to turn it into a craft market. Taige’s well-rounded body calls to Jasper Lyall, Alpha of the nearby werewolf pack, and also to Cornelian Bardolph, his right-hand man. But the pack is not happy with humans living so close nearby and especially not with their Alpha befriending one.

While the three women are cleaning up the old building and turning the schoolhouse into a craft market, and Jasper and Cornelian are busy getting to know Taige in human form, and trying to find out whether she likes BDSM sex and werewolves, the rest of the pack is set on preventing Jasper and Cornelian from spending time with their woman. Then the pack decides to frighten the humans right away from the area. And Jasper still hasn’t gotten around to mentioning the word “shape-shifter” to Taige yet.


God that’s hot. Taige licked her lip, hoping she wasn’t drooling at him, but it was his own fault if she drooled. He was so very yummy. Her nipples pushing against the soft cotton of her bra reminded Taige that she still wasn’t undressed. Besides, her panties were sopping wet with the evidence of her lust and it’d be a pleasure to take them off. She dropped her bra on top of her clothing, then kicked off her panties, and placed them in the sink. Quickly she ran hot water over them, gave them a rub with the pretty lavender soap, rinsed them, and wrung them out. All that had taken just a minute, but it took quite a bit longer than that for her to work out what to do with them now. They need to be dry for her to wear them home. If she was back at the schoolhouse, she’d hang them over the shower rail but pretty obviously that wasn’t going to work here for a while. Shrugging, she spread them out over the handles of the taps. Well, if they didn’t dry in time she’d have to go home without wearing underwear. It was that simple.

Taige walked over to the shower, and Jasper tugged her under the water. Cornelian followed her in. For a brief moment she wondered if the men had been watching her. Ooops. That was the problem with being alone so much. She tended to forget to put on her party manners when she was around men. Not that she was around males much.

Jasper pulled her against his body, nestling his cock—a very long, thick cock—between the cheeks of her ass as he held her under the water.

Taige tipped her head back, letting the spray run down her neck and over her breasts, but not in her face.

Cornelian angled his body around in front of her and took the soap, the same lavender-scented one as at the sinks, and began smoothing it across her skin. She watched him from beneath her lowered eyelids as he built up a foam between his hands, then smoothed the bubbles over her arms, then her legs. Jasper used his own legs to force hers wider apart, and Cornelian kneeled down, rubbed the soap between his hands again, then lathered up her inner thighs and across her belly.

His hands were very gentle, just as when he’d kissed her and he’d touched her so lightly at first. But in the same way as before, he also made her aware of his need for her. His hands on her skin were almost worshipful in their gentle stroking. But his touch was also insistent, drawing a response from her, making her want more of his light, teasing caresses.

Jasper continued to hold her still and open, her body displayed for Cornelian to wash. Taige was not usually the least bit self-conscious, but when confronted by two such anatomically perfect male specimens, she had to acknowledge her lush, rounded curves did not fit society’s definition of beauty. Her ribs could be seen under her skin, but only because of the way Jasper held her. Normally they were hidden by a coating of padded flesh. The same with her hips. She could feel them there quite easily, but the bones weren’t sticking out of her skin. They were disguised by a slight layer of fat. In fact, pretty much all of her had enough covering that a doctor with his calipers would be gripping it and shaking his head at her. Likely she needed to lose half an inch from everywhere.

Fortunately neither Jasper not Cornelian was complaining right now, although they had to see it. She was right there naked with them. Taige supposed she could go on a diet, but what she really needed was to exercise a lot more. Sitting or standing at a work bench designing jewelry all day meant she didn’t burn up enough calories. It’s just that running or going to the gym didn’t appeal to her. She’d rather be designing a pendant or matching beads. Oh well, all the cleaning she’d done lately had to have been building muscle tone, and surely sex was the healthiest exercise of all.

Jasper turned her around and pressed her head to his chest. Teasingly, she licked across the line of muscles then nibbled some tiny bites of his hard flesh. But Cornelian’s palm slid straight down her back to her ass. He soaped her ass cheeks, and before she had time to worry whether he thought them too fat, his finger was teasing her tight rosette. Jasper had already widened her legs again, and Cornelian’s finger pushed inside her entry and began massaging the muscle ring there. Suddenly Taige felt limp with need. Instead of playing with Jasper’s chest she leaned into him, letting him support her as Cornelian did totally wicked things with her ass, stretching her entry wider and wider, until the cream was running from her cunt down the inside of her thighs, and she was desperate for more.

“I really need you to fuck me. This teasing has to stop,” she said.

“Stopping is not what we had in mind,” said Jasper. One of his arms went right around her shoulders. Holding her body tight against him, while his foot kept her legs spread apart, he moved his other hand to her cunt, teasing her slit, touching her clit, all while Cornelian continued to stroke two fingers inside her ass.

“Holy shit!”

“You like?” asked Cornelian.

“I want to come.”

“I think we can arrange that,” replied Jasper.

His fingers dived deep inside her pussy from the front, while Cornelian’s did the same thing from the back. Almost instantly her body convulsed in an orgasm leaving her limp and shaking between the two men.

Holy shit! They hadn’t even gotten to bed yet and she was as limp as a piece of cooked spaghetti. Damn they’re good.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Entire Shape-Shifter Clinic Series NOW AVAILABLE!

Calling Doctor Wolf
Dr. Oscar Thorne inherited his grandparents’ house and is turning it into a hospital for shape-shifters, helped by his best friend, carpenter Danny Davies. The paperwork is never-ending, so he hires office manager Ambrielle Watson to deal with it all. Oscar and Danny are both wolves and both Doms. Ambrielle’s a human and a sub. Is she a perfect match for them both?

Oscar’s cousin George Thorne contests their grandparents’ will, demanding the house and all the land for himself. While their attorney, Sierra Bond, handles the legal side of things, the men concentrate on establishing the hospital, renovating the house, caring for the patients, and wooing Ambrielle. She’s not convinced. She can’t imagine herself in a permanent relationship with two wolves who are also Doms. Besides, what if George does take the hospital away from Oscar? What will happen then?

The Wolves Catch Their Attorney
Attorney Sierra Bond is totally committed to becoming a partner in her law firm. Fergus MacLeod, a werewolf shape-shifter Dom, and a nurse at Thorne House Clinic, knows she’s the perfect woman for him and Campbell Smith, another werewolf nurse, to share. He arranges a date for the three of them which they all enjoy.

Sierra’s busy dealing with Dr. Oscar Thorne’s cousin George, who wants the clinic for himself. George’s determination to take the clinic back is concerning and ongoing.

Sierra is invited to a Gala Celebration. She decides to trust the men to accompany her and help her further her career. Sierra admits she loves them, but she’s full of objections, thinking the arrangement could never work with her hectic schedule and determination to become a partner. Not to mention all the trouble with George.

The Patient Is a Shark
Wynter Hall is a great white shark. She urgently needs knee surgery after a near miss with a sports fisherman, but how can she get across the country to the shape-shifter clinic? Clinic handyman and Dom, Quinn Johnson, and personal care attendant Rainer King come to escort her. Just as well because someone doesn’t want the clinic to succeed and tries to prevent Wynter from arriving safely.

First she receives e-mails telling her the clinic is a fraud. Then the attacks get far more violent and personal. The wolf pack is keeping an eye on them and provides them safe places to stay at night where Wynter, who must swim every day, can shape-shift and swim. But it’s a long way from California to Ohio by road with a shark, three people in lust with each other, a Dom wanting to be in control, and someone determined to stop them at all costs.

Protected by Wolves
Someone’s trying to kill Ellie Roth. But is it her hateful family or because she works at the shape-shifter clinic? Dr. Oscar Thorne and the werewolf Alpha both believe it’s all about the clinic. They tell wolves Mike Eden and Rowan Fisher to guard her with their lives.

Ellie just wants to be left alone. Car accidents, punks with iron bars in the stairwell, it’s all life as usual for a single woman living alone and with a family who hates her. Mike and Rowan are determined to protect her whether she wants them to or not. Besides, sleeping in her apartment has very exciting potential. Mike’s a Dom and he’ll keep Ellie safe or die trying. But Ellie has so many secrets and she isn’t sharing them with the men.

Meanwhile danger is everywhere around Ellie, and around the clinic, too.

Never Underestimate a Wolf
Tegan Carter’s been hired as a security guard for the shape-shifter clinic. Harry Harrison’s certain she’s useless. Or a spy. Or both.

Jayden Powell’s convinced Dr. Oscar Thorne would never make such a mistake. Besides, Harry’s a bear. A grumpy grizzly bear. But George Thorne is still determined to attack the clinic and anything could happen.

Everything Tegan does incites Harry’s anger. When she solves a problem, he’s even more certain she’s on George’s team. When she doesn’t, it proves she’s a useless female. And when he rips her shirt off to check she’s not wearing a wire, Tegan attacks him back.

Jayden tries to be the voice of reason between the wolf and the bear, but he wants her too, yet Harry’s his Dom and his friend. The passion between these three is as incendiary and explosive as anything that might happen to the clinic.

The Hawk, the Wolf, and the Dom
Dom Augustus Grosvenor is strongly attracted to werewolf shape-shifter, Karen Fisher. But he never has sex with his subs, and besides, there’s Toby Hawk as well. What’s Toby’s secret? And how can a human, a hawk, and a wolf ever find enough common ground to build a relationship?

If Gus stops working as a Dom, he’s going to need a new job and he’ll forfeit his apartment. If Toby shares his secret, he may lose his life. And Karen must obey her Alpha. Karen’s determined to have both Gus and Toby, and for Gus to be their Dom. The sex between them is spectacular, but their chances of forming a true relationship and having a normal life are pretty much zero.

It’s all way too complicated, too confusing, and too hard. Each of the three decides to take matters into their own hands to forge a solution.

Cara Adams

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Hawk, the Wolf, and the Dom is OUT now!

Dom Augustus Grosvenor is strongly attracted to werewolf shape-shifter, Karen Fisher. But he never has sex with his subs, and besides, there’s Toby Hawk as well. What’s Toby’s secret? And how can a human, a hawk, and a wolf ever find enough common ground to build a relationship?

If Gus stops working as a Dom, he’s going to need a new job and he’ll forfeit his apartment. If Toby shares his secret, he may lose his life. And Karen must obey her Alpha. Karen’s determined to have both Gus and Toby, and for Gus to be their Dom. The sex between them is spectacular, but their chances of forming a true relationship and having a normal life are pretty much zero.

It’s all way too complicated, too confusing, and too hard. Each of the three decides to take matters into their own hands to forge a solution.


Karen had been racking her brain to think of ways to get Toby and Dom Augustus together in her bedroom. She’d had absolutely no success at all, not even the faintest glimmer of a workable idea, so she had gone to the BDSM club just to watch. Maybe to see if Dom Augustus was doing a floor show in the next few nights or something. She wouldn’t mind being the model for the Dom in a public BDSM scene, but she knew her twin brother, Rowan, would snatch her away and lock her in her room if she ever attempted it, so that idea was a nonstarter. Karen loved Rowan intensely, but even though he was younger than her, he still seemed to think she needed protecting, and had nominated himself as her protector.

Fortunately, now that he and Mike were partnered with Ellie, he was too busy to pay a lot of attention to her anymore, but she knew if she went on stage at the BDSM club someone would text him, and he’d arrive in plenty of time to spoil her fun.

The bar staff at the club kept a very strict watch on clients’ alcohol consumption, so Karen was drinking her second diet Dr. Pepper of the evening. Karen fully understood and approved of their logic. In a dungeon scene, the sub needed to have a clear mind. She had to be able to concentrate on what was happening, to appreciate the effort and planning her Dom had spent organizing the scene, and to be able to experience every little mental and emotional challenge the Dom gave her. Alcohol didn’t help these thought processes. Besides, personally she liked the taste of diet Dr. Pepper, so it was all good.

Karen saw Toby enter the club. At least she thought it was Toby. Yes, yes, it is. Wow. Fancy him being here, too. He looked just as enticing this time as when she’d first seen him, with long, lean limbs and what appeared to be a hard, muscular body. Oh, yum.

She turned so she could keep him in sight as he walked to the bar. He spoke to the barman and then stood drinking a glass of water. Wow. Perhaps he was here to use the dungeon. I wonder whether he’s a Dom or a sub. She furrowed her brow, remembering what he’d said and how he’d acted at Quinn’s farm He’s a sub. I know it.

The moment Dom Augustus arrived and moved to speak to Toby, Karen knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She left her drink sitting on the table and moved swiftly and silently to stand behind him. If she was right, this was going to be the best day of her life, bar none.

“Hey there, Toby, Dom Augustus. With your permission I’d like to join you both for this session. I think the three of us together will be very—rewarding.”

She watched them both, flicking her gaze from one to the other and knew they’d both agree. Score! Oh, she was going to get punished and then laid times two tonight. She’d make sure of it!

Karen had to force herself not to run down the stairs to the dungeons. It was hard walking demurely behind the two men, but it was good discipline for her. After all, discipline was an important part of the whole BDSM scene, so she could do it. Besides, by walking behind them she got to stare at their asses. Dom Augustus’s butt was tightly outlined by his black leather pants. With every step he took she could watch the play of his ass tightening and stretching and the same with his thigh muscles. Damn it was hot. Those pants were hot. He was hot.

Toby was wearing ordinary jeans, but even they clung to his lean muscles, giving her a hint of his body. Oh yeah. Another few minutes and she’d get to see him naked. She could hardly wait. And what about her? Would he think she looked nice? Would he regret that she wasn’t thinner or that her tits weren’t larger? Ah, too bad. She’d make sure the fucking was so good he wouldn’t notice anything else about her body.

The only trick was going to be making sure Dom Augustus ordered the three of them to fuck. She’d have to stay alert and watch for her opportunities to make sure her wishes became what he instructed them to do.

Cara Adams

Monday, 10 June 2013

BDSM Blitz with Tara Rose

Today I'm visiting Tara Rose's BDSM blitz. I'm talking about using everyday items for special effects. All week at her blitz there are fun BDSM blogs to read and books to win. Please come by and play with us.