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Back to the Nevada Desert for "Urgent Seduction"

"Urgent Seduction" (MFM) "Seducing Them" book 3

Indigo Windsor meets Stone Wishram and Reuben Jenner at the Nevada Desert Werewolf Pack get-together. She’s determined to make the most of this short time and get to know them better. The men have never met before, but since both of them want Indigo, they agree to cooperate to win her. Of all the men at the gathering, they’re the only ones that appeal to Indigo, so she’s more than willing to talk to them.

But they live hundreds of miles apart across the desert and both men are needed to work at their own family businesses. Besides, neither man has any knowledge of the other one’s career. Spending time together over these few days is fine, but will they ever find a way to be together afterward? Is there any kind of hope for a future together or should they all just give up and look for a more accessible partner?

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Reuben had only one thought in his mind, to find Indigo and to get to know her properly as fast as possible. He wanted her to remember him as Chloe’s brother, to trust him, and be prepared to spend time with him. He wasn’t sure if that was a logical attitude or not, bearing in mind how little attention he’d paid to her over the years, but all he could do was hope it’d give him and Stone a slight advantage over all the other wolves at the gathering.

Reuben saw Indigo was in the barbecue area, standing at the long table. Likely she was collecting a drink or a snack. He cut across the hard-packed sandy dirt directly toward her, Stone by his side all the way. They dropped their empty longnecks, and watermelon rind into the trash can and then Reuben edged his way between some people so he’d be opposite her at the table. He had to admire Stone’s fast thinking. It was almost as if they were joined together. Stone didn’t miss a step and was right there with him.

“Hi, Indigo. How are you doing?” he asked.

She looked up into his eyes and smiled. Damn she was lovely. “Hi there, Reuben. Hi Stone. Do you know each other?”

“We met yesterday. We both joined the Alpha’s early morning hunting party,” said Stone.

Reuben nodded, but that was mighty fast thinking by Stone. They certainly hadn’t talked to each other then. Actually no one much had talked at all until afterward. They were all too focused on their task of catching some critters. And what’s more, until right then, he wouldn’t have been prepared to swear which Wishram brother had come hunting. They all looked quite alike even though probably once he got to know them he’d discover they were all very different. But yesterday he hadn’t been bothered about which of them was which. Now it was important to him and it was good to know both he and Stone liked hunting. That was something else they had in common.

“We wondered if you’d like to join us for a while and we could talk. Get to know each other better as the Alpha suggested.” He thrust his hands deep in his pockets so he wouldn’t fidget while he waited for her to answer. But her face was open and she was smiling, so at least she didn’t hate the idea.


“What would you like to drink?” asked Stone.

“Just water, thank you.” She grabbed a bottle out of one of the ice-filled containers on the table.

“Let’s get some food as well,” he suggested. It wasn’t that he was hungry. It would be lunchtime soon enough. But it’d give him something to do with his hands as they talked.

Reuben watched what she chose, eager to learn her tastes. Choosing water to drink didn’t tell him much. This was the desert and everyone here learned at birth to drink water whenever it was available, and never to move from home without carrying fresh water. It made him laugh sometimes when he saw city office workers in cold climates carefully carrying a bottle of water when they walked from their desk to a meeting inside the same building. But here, in the desert, that bottle of water could save a person’s life.

Indigo walked along the table laden with food and stopped beside a closed container. She tore a sheet of paper towel off a roll beside the box, opened the lid, and carefully laid three finger sandwiches on the paper, before closing the lid again and checking it was shut tightly.

Reuben blinked. Sandwiches? She chose sandwiches? There were all sorts of delicious snacks laid out. More than even he could hope to taste properly today, and she chose sandwiches? He’d expected her to pick out a cupcake, or a cookie, or something with chocolate. Clearly she wasn’t a predictably girly girl.

He took another giant slice of watermelon. The first one had been sweet, lush, and utterly delicious. He tucked his second longneck under his arm so he could use his now free hand to grab a blueberry muffin, and then he and Stone led Indigo over to a group of chairs not too close to other people. Not that he expected them to be talking secrets, but just to give some slight sense of privacy.

Once they sat down, their chairs in a triangle shape so they could all see each other’s faces, Reuben grinned at Indigo. “Why did you choose to eat sandwiches? We’ll be having lunch and sensible food soon enough. So why not a cupcake, or a cookie, or a muffin?” He took a huge bite of his own muffin, not just to illustrate his point, but because of its mouth-watering aroma. Yum. It tasked just as good as it smelled.

She licked her lips and grinned hugely at them both. “The fillings. These sandwiches have the best fillings ever. Whoever made them is a genius. Every one is different and it’s impossible to say which one tastes best. They’re all amazing. Chloe’s catering team is truly awesome.”

Her sharp, white little teeth neatly bit a finger sandwich in half and then she closed her eyes as she savored it.

“Okay, I’m sold. Do you want some as well, Stone?”

“Hell yes.”

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

"Desert Seduction" Book 2 of "Seducing Them"

Blurb: Chloe Jenner wants to hold a Nevada Desert Werewolf Pack get-together. She visits Jaz to talk about it and meets Forest Wishram and Nyander Zaffre. To do this she drives across the desert from her home to theirs. Forest is horrified that she traveled alone. Chloe knows the desert and how to act in it, though, and is very independent.
Everyone agrees the pack meeting is a great idea, except Forest. He thinks everyone should stay safely at home in summer. He wants to protect Chloe from any potential danger. But Chloe has three bossy older brothers and won’t tolerate Forest treating her like that as well. She likes all the Wishram family very much, and is especially attracted to Ny. However Ny and Forest have agreed to share a woman, and Forest is being far too dominant for her tastes. She’s a capable, desert-born-and-bred adult, not the helpless, weak female he seems to consider her.

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When the buzzer rang, indicating that a vehicle had pulled up to the gas pumps, Ny had just finished marinating the steaks. He looked at the clock, but it wasn’t time to begin cooking yet, so he washed his hands and walked back through the short, enclosed hallway that linked the house and the store. He wondered who was passing by and what news they might bring.
An attractive blonde woman was talking to Hunter out by the gas pumps. Ny didn’t recognize the black SUV. For a moment he felt a pang of sadness that she wasn’t a local person. “It really is time we found ourselves a woman,” he said softly to Forest.
“I know. Now that Hunter and Damien are settled with Jaz, it’s made me realize that our lives are racing along, and we need to do something about it. Perhaps we’d better make some plans to go to Las Vegas for a week or so.”
“I’m sure we’ll find plenty of party girls there, but I’d rather look for a mate.”
“Me, too. But I can’t think of any other way to find one.”
Ny sighed. “Neither can I. I’m all out of ideas.”
The woman turned to come across to the store, and Ny walked behind the counter to make her a snack or some coffee. Coffee was their number one best seller. From the way her car was facing, he assumed she’d come from Towler so she had the shorter journey to Burton to finish, but she might still be hungry. The journey would take getting on toward two hours. Besides, she was pretty and smiling and exuded happiness, so he wanted to meet her. Evidently she was loving her vacation or her travel wherever she was coming from and going to.
She came straight across to the counter, moving fast but smoothly. “Black hair, black eyes, you must be Forest, and that makes you Nyander. Hi there. I’m Chloe. Chloe Jenner. I’ve come to visit with Jaz, but she doesn’t know it yet. I had to turn my cell phone off so my brothers wouldn’t know what I was doing.”
Ny found himself gripping the counter so hard his fingernails were likely digging holes in the surface of it.
His mind spun with what she’d said. “Chloe? You met up with Jaz after the incident out past Wetherby?”
“That’s right. Hunter is going to tell her I’m here.”
“I can easily marinate a couple of extra steaks. Please invite Hunter, Damien, and Jaz to join us here for supper so we can get to know you,” he said.
“Are you sure that’s not too much trouble?”
“Of course not. It’ll only take me a moment of extra cooking, and it’ll take Jaz longer than that to come join us.”
“But first, you need to tell your brothers where you are so they don’t worry about you,” said Forest sternly.
Her blue eyes sparkled, and her grin was even brighter as she shook her blonde head vigorously. “Hell no. They won’t even notice I’m not there for hours yet. I don’t want them tracking me. There’s no need. I’m already here and perfectly safe with you now. I’ll tell them when it starts to get dark. That’s when they’ll all be going back to the house, and then they’ll ask Mom where I am.”
“Oh, well, if your mom knows you’re here, that’s fine,” said Forest.
There was the faintest blush of pink across Chloe’s cheeks, and Ny knew her mother didn’t know where she was. Or maybe she did, but not the full story. Well, he certainly wasn’t going to interfere, even if Forest’s dominating nature wanted to control Chloe. She was here, she was safe, and Ny desperately needed to get to know her better. He was certain Jaz had said she wasn’t mated, and Chloe hadn’t mentioned a boyfriend, just her brothers. But before he made a move on her, he needed to be sure she was available because he was sure as hell free, available, and extremely ready to get to know her. Damn she was cute. All bright and sparkly and fast moving, like a firework in the night sky.
Ny hurried back into the house to prepare four more steaks and extra rice and beans.
“Who’s the blonde chick? Is she staying the night?” asked Yuchi, coming into the kitchen.
“Mine,” snarled Ny.
“Fuck, Nyander, put your claws away. You’re not even a wolf. I wasn’t asking to mate her, just what her name is.”
Ny was embarrassed at his response. He wasn’t usually so bad mannered, and he hadn’t even exchanged more than a handful of words with her.
“Sorry. She’s Chloe Jenner, a friend of Jaz’s come to visit. They’re all coming for super.”
“In that case I’d better prepare some rooms. Likely they’ll all remain here overnight as well. If we all stay up late talking, it’d be silly for them to travel home and come back the next morning.” Yuchi hurried away, and Ny breathed deeply, steadying his reflexes as he cooked.
Damn, he’d never snarled before. Hanging around with all these wolves must have altered his behavior. The urge to possess her had roared through him the moment Yuchi spoke. He needed to get his shit together fast. And to talk to Forest alone. If Forest didn’t like her, he really had a problem because they’d agreed to share a woman. And already he knew that he wanted her and was determined to win her.

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