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“Perfectionist Wants Perfect Man to Love”

OUT TODAY!! “Perfectionist Wants Perfect Man to Love” (MM) by Cara Adams “A Man to Love” book 2

Storm, the second youngest of the six Hill brothers, has worked hard to make everything in his life perfect. If only Cruz Baker were taller, thinner, richer...more like him. He’s attractive and a good attorney, but messy. However, Cruz is determined to teach Storm to relax.
Storm admits Cruz has helped Christabelle Nelson win her court cases against her badly behaved ex-boyfriend, but he doesn’t behave the way Storm needs his perfect partner to act. Life is much better, Storm is sure, if everything is just exactly right, like he orders it.
Cruz wants to demonstrate to Storm that a little disorganization, some relaxation, and even the occasional mess can make life so much more interesting.
Do opposites really attract? Will Storm loosen up enough to even look properly at Cruz? And will Tom Frame go away and leave Chris alone?

Story Excerpt

All through their time in the courtroom, Storm had found his gaze wandering back to Cruz. He was here to support Chris, not to listen to her attorney, but in court, Cruz was strong, powerful, and smart. He looked imposing and attractive in his charcoal suit. There was something about the outfit that turned Cruz into a very handsome man. Normally he wasn’t particularly tall, and he definitely needed to lose ten pounds off his waistline—maybe even twenty pounds—but right now, he was eye-catching, and no one could ignore him. Especially not Storm.
Storm wondered if part of his lack of willingness to get closer to Cruz was that Cruz had the same coloring as himself, medium-brown hair and brown eyes, not golden blond hair like Storm’s stunningly good-looking brother, Jude, or shaggy black hair that screamed “bad boy” like his brother Atticus.
Even his eyes were boringly average rather than bright blue like his mother’s or piercingly black like his father’s. Storm might have missed out on all the best genetics, being the fifth of six sons in the family, but he made certain his life was as perfect inside those confines as he could arrange it. He would never eat a second slice of cake and risk it giving him a potbelly.
But there was still something about Cruz that called to him even though Cruz had accused him of being in a rut which was completely untrue.
So why do I keep looking at him and thinking about him? What’s wrong with me? He’s not the right man for me. I need someone who’s moving up in his career. Someone like Kai or Alan. Successful men, like me.
“Come on, Storm. It’s time to celebrate,” said Ross, his youngest brother, pushing his shoulder. Storm jumped to his feet and followed his family out of the courtroom.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
“Chris. This is your celebration. Where shall we go for lunch?”
“I don’t know.”
“Name somewhere you’ve heard of that you’d like to try out,” suggested Kai, smiling at her.
She was still thin but not as frail as when their mother had taken her under her wing. Chris’s arms and legs were skinny, but the baby was growing well, and Chris’s frame no longer looked as though it wouldn’t be able to support her. One of his brothers had said she looked like she’d swallowed a basketball, and that was true. She wasn’t rounded all over like many pregnant women. She was skinny with a baby stuck out in front. But she was smiling and happy, and it was time to celebrate winning her court case.
Although if Storm ever met Tom in a dark alley, he wasn’t promising not to break his nose or something similar. The man was an asshole not to appreciate Chris.
Chris smiled like a normal teenager, and said, “Can we please go to Dirty Dick’s then? My parents would never let me go there, and Tom refused to take me because he said it was only for boys. Which is a lie because I know girls who’ve been there. Eating there today would be the most amazing thing.”
“Of course.”
“Let’s do it.”
“There are enough of us here to protect you and Mom.”
Storm wasn’t really pleased with his brothers agreeing so easily. Dirty Dick’s wasn’t R-rated or anything, but it encouraged loud behavior. Everyone sat at enormously long benches and wore paper bibs around their necks as they ate ribs and fries with their fingers.
Storm could see himself having to take the suit he was wearing to the dry cleaners immediately after lunch.
But then, this was Christabelle’s day. She deserved to do whatever she wanted to. Soon enough she was going to become an adult with a child to care for, instead of picking out a prom dress or whatever girls her age usually did. Besides, this sounded like her way of raising her middle finger to that asshole, Tom, and he wholeheartedly approved of her doing that.
They all gathered around the end of one long bench, his two parents, five brothers, Kai’s lover, Alan, and beside Chris, Cruz, her lawyer and Sawyer’s colleague. Not the man he was interested in. He absolutely was not interested in anyone who drove a beatenup Ford. The only man he would ever be interested in was one just like him. Organized. Neat, controlled, with his eyes on the main focus of life, the goals he planned to achieve.
While they waited for their ribs and fries to be bought to them, they drank light beer out of tankards, except for Chris, who was not only pregnant but also underage, and Cruz, who never drank during business hours.
“I thought long, boozy lunches were the mainstay of an attorney’s life,” he teased, grinning at Sawyer, who was drinking his beer.
“I wish. Most days it’s a burger as I walk back to my office from court,” complained Sawyer.
“Or a brown bag lunch brought from home,” added Cruz.
“What made you decide not to drink during the day, Cruz?” asked Alan, proving once again that he was damn smart and a good match for Kai, Storm’s bossy millionaire oldest brother.
“People tend to underestimate me,” he said, looking right at Storm. “I’m not rich like Kai, or handsome like Jude, or driven like Storm. I’m just me. But I like to think that during the working day every brain cell is alert enough to help me make decisions.”
I’m not driven! I’m just determined to keep progressing up the career ladder as fast as possible.
But maybe I have underestimated him. He certainly won Chris’s case without ever appearing to break a sweat.
Storm started eating his ribs, with his fingers, while thinking over what he knew about Cruz, instead of joining in the loud banter around the table.

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Millionaire Wants Man to Love

The first book in the "A Man to Love" series is out now. A new book will release every two weeks until all six brothers find their Mr. Right.

Millionaire Wants Man to Love: Blurb
Kai Hill’s father has told his six gay sons to find partners within a year. Kai has a million-dollar business, the Hill Corporation, to run. He’s got no time for romance. However when he and Alan Lewis meet while rescuing a teenage girl, Kai starts to think he could make time in his life for a man like Alan.

Christabelle Nelson has been spurned by the father of her child and thrown out of her home by her family. Kai goes walking to burn off his annoyance at his family but he can’t ignore an injured girl. Alan goes jogging at night to relax enough to sleep. Finding an injured teenager isn’t very relaxing, but he can’t ignore her either.

The entire Hill family becomes involved in caring for Christabelle and her child. Meanwhile Kai and Alan finally find a moment to get to know each other and discover they have a multitude of things in common.


Kai tugged on the door to ensure it was locked behind him. It was a habit engrained in all of them from their earliest days because every room opened onto the courtyard. Their protection was in the blank walls and heavy entry door, not in anything inside the building.

His parents had been able to buy such a huge plot of land forty years ago because this was on the outskirts of town and on the poorer side. It was by no means a slum, or a dangerous neighborhood, but it wasn’t a good place for people to wander alone at night unless they were alert. Right now, Kai would welcome a few punks trying to remove his wallet. He’d taken off his suit coat and necktie before dinner, but he was still wearing business clothing, and nicer clothing at that, although not Armani or anything showy. He preferred to look middle of the road. It was always much better that people he might have to bid against for a contract underestimated him.

Kai shoved his hands deep in his pants pockets and strode along the sidewalk. Two miles to the park, half a mile around the park, and two miles back home should be enough to rid his body of the adrenaline, let him forget all about his father’s ultimatum, and get his mind focused back on his real life. For example, how to sort out the Standforth contract.

It was a tricky piece of business dealings. He was almost certain they were hiding a problem. That contract didn’t smell right. Oh, it looked like something his company could do, but it also made him wary, and there was no way he was going to sign it unless he was certain there were no hidden traps in it.

Kai was deep in thought as he entered the park and turned left to circumnavigate it. His shoes sounded loud on the concrete, and he was aware that he hadn’t seen anyone else for five minutes at least. It wasn’t that late. Maybe eleven. There would normally have been a few people out jogging or walking their dogs. He stopped thinking about the Standforth contract and paid more attention to his surroundings. He didn’t want to meet a gang of thugs. One thug didn’t bother him. Nor did two. Growing up in a family of six boys had taught him more than he ever needed to know about fighting, both clean and dirty. But he wasn’t stupid, and an entire gang would be sure to pound the shit out of him. He didn’t have time to spend a week in the hospital recovering from broken bones. Did they even have decent Wi-Fi at the local hospital? How would he answer his e-mails?

Up ahead, he noticed the park lights had been smashed, and the trees made everything dark. That definitely doesn’t look good. I’ll turn back.

A female scream cut though the air. “No! Leave me alone!”

He started to run toward her, and from his left, a jogger he hadn’t noticed raced across the park heading for the trees ahead of him. A punk burst out of the shrubbery holding a backpack across his chest, coming straight toward Kai. Kai launched himself forward, surprising the criminal and smashing him down onto the concrete. The punk dropped the backpack and wiggled away from Kai. Kai grabbed the backpack, figuring the woman’s possessions were more important than giving the criminal a punch.

Gripping the backpack, he raced forward and found the jogger bending over a huddled figure pressed against the tree.

“She’s hurt. Call the paramedics.”

“No, no. I don’t have any money. I’ll be fine.”

“She’s bleeding. She’s not fine.” The jogger’s face was pale and worried in the dim light under the trees.

Kai pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. “I’ll pay for you to see a doctor.”

“I can’t pay you back. I don’t want your charity. I’ll be fine.” She swiped a hand across her face, and Kai caught a glimpse of hollow eyes surrounded by black shadows, streaks of blood, and a swollen belly underneath a too-short, too-tight T-shirt.

Fucking hell. She was injured, argumentative, and pregnant.

Then he had a brilliant idea. “Will you let my mother bandage your injuries at least? She’s a retired nurse.”

“I…” Her voice trailed away, and she slumped against the jogger.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Where’s your car? I walked here.”

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