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Five Reasons to Love Her

Five Reasons to Love Her (MFM) Werewolves Wanting Love book 5

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Sam Keegan, the owner of the Hanson Mall Steakhouse, and Taliesin Radley, who manages the cinema there, are determined to win Heather Wilton, the mall florist. They love her very much, but why does she insist on doing such dangerous activities? She runs down the stairs, leaping an entire flight on landing. She jumps on trampolines and bounces up to the top of a wall. Why can’t she just let them provide her with all the excitement and drama a person needs in the dungeon or in bed, and act like a mature, staid adult the rest of the time?

Heather loves running and jumping and can’t bear the thought of being wrapped in bubble wrap, left on a shelf, and only being allowed out when the men want to play. She needs to enjoy life in all its richness. It might break her heart, but she won’t stay with them if they won’t let her be herself.


Heather Wilton, the florist at Hanson Mall, placed both hands lightly on top of the handrails to the stairs in the professional suites, and giggled as she started running down the steps. Her hands slid along the rails as she ran faster, jumping two or even three steps as she went, and leaping around the corners. Her brown curls flew around her face, blocking her vision at times, but it didn’t matter because she would hear anyone else coming up the stairs and they couldn’t help but notice her feet pounding as she ran as fast as she could and still maintain her balance. Falling would spoil the fun.

Heather hurtled around the corners, having to grab the handrail at one point as she was moving so fast she almost couldn’t straighten up in time. Laughing louder, she whirled past the last bend and leaped down the entire flight of stairs, landing lightly, her weight evenly on both feet and her arms in the air in a victory sign at having accomplished the game.

Standing at the foot of the stairs, his arms spread wide to catch her, was Sam from The Steakhouse, a look of stunned disbelief on his face.


“You were doing that on purpose?”

The stupefied look on his face made her giggle again.

“Of course. It’s awesome fun.” She nodded vigorously and brushed some curls off her face. She seemed to have lost the clips from her hair somewhere on the way down. Too bad.

He looked almost angry and she took a step back. She wasn’t used to being toe-to-toe with such a big man, and she’d never seen Sam angry before either.

“I suppose you think it would have been awesome fun if you’d gone ass over tea kettle and landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs as well.”

“But I didn’t. I landed perfectly safely. And if I had fallen, that would have been my own doing and I’d have dealt with it. Gotta go. I was just delivering some flowers upstairs.”

Heather ducked around him and hurried out of the professional suites and down the stairs to the first floor where her florist store sat, facing the main entry from the parking lot. It was an excellent situation as a lot of guilty husbands and boyfriends bought flowers on their way home as penance for the other stuff they’d bought in the mall.

She was still smiling at her success in the stairway and at the look on Sam’s face. He was such a handsome man and always so helpful to everyone in the mall. Unfortunately, he was wedded to his steak house and seldom seemed to leave it, working even longer hours than she did. That was a damn shame. He was a mighty fine piece of eye candy.

Barry, the middle-aged werewolf who worked for her, was patiently sorting through greenery laying the pieces into a neat row by size.

“Thanks, Barry. I’ll get right onto making the wreath now.”

“It’s okay. I like working with the plants. I don’t miss the backbreaking weeding from the days when this mall was a farm, but sometimes I miss the plants.”

She smiled at him sympathetically. “I can understand that. You have exactly the right touch with the flowers. I couldn’t run this store without you.”

“Except when I can’t tell the difference between the aqua and the turquoise ribbons?”

Heather giggled. “But, Barry, it’s easy. Aqua is in the middle of the blue-green spectrum. It’s cyan. But turquoise is right over at the blue end of the blue-green scale.”

“Which is why it’s called green cyan.”

Heather set her hand on her hips and laughed. Barry’s face split into a grin as well.

“I’ve got that problem licked now.”


“I just tell them to point to which ribbons they want.”

Heather snorted, bent to the work table, and started assembling what she needed to make the wreath while Barry finished sorting the greenery. Maybe she hadn’t found a wolf to mate at the interspecies mating party a few months ago, but life here was pretty good. Barry was a gem to work with and she loved her store.

Friday, 11 July 2014

For Love of Grace out today and on sale!

"For Love of Grace" (MFM)
"Werewolves Wanting Love" book 4
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 18th.
Grace Patterson needs peace and solitude. Jarin Proctor is too dominant. He’s a Dom and a vulture. And Mark Hamill is too protective. He’s a werewolf. But they both love her. She likes them both a lot, but they drive her crazy with their attention. What is she to do? Grace’s grandfather convinces her to go to the inter-species mating party, which she does. Grace likes the idea of a ménage, but there are no men there who appeal to her as much as Jarin and Mark do. And she knows neither of them could make her happy.
Her grandfather tells the two men to work together to win her and share her. Jarin doesn’t think he could bear to have another man touch his woman, but Mark reminds him that she keeps refusing them. Can a wolf and a vulture cooperate and win her? When the three of them get caught in a flood, can they work together to solve the problem, or are their personalities too incompatible?


She looked so very beautiful standing there. Jarin couldn’t believe how much he’d missed her since she’d gone to collect her possessions. But now she was back, and this time she was staying permanently. He rushed across the room and opened his arms, wanting to grab her to him and hold her tight.
Instead she put up her hand in a stop sign and said coldly, “I don’t believe I invited either of you people into my home.”
“The door was open.” Jarin couldn’t understand what she was complaining about. He needed to hug her, to welcome her back here. To invite her into his arms forever.
“Next time I’ll remember to lock it.”
Jarin was aware of Mark leaving the room, but the man had always been a weakling. Grace obviously didn’t understand. Maybe she’d been so busy looking around, she hadn’t heard them. “We’ve come to help you unload your things. We’re here to carry your furniture inside for you.”
“Thank you for your concern, but I don’t need help. The truck is equipped with a wheeled luggage trolley.”
“But your bed, your refrigerator, your couch. You can’t possibly move such big, heavy items alone,” argued Jarin. He didn’t understand her attitude at all. He and Mark were here to do the heavy labor for her. All she had to do was tell them where to place each item.
“Very well.”
Grace seemed to deflate before his gaze. Her happy smile and the aura of excitement that had surrounded her when he arrived had gone. She was cold and closed off now. But she’d agreed to let them help, so it was all good.
She turned the U-Haul truck around so the back faced the door of her home and there was not much distance between the two, and then stayed in the apartment directing them where to place her things. She wouldn’t let them move her boxes of possessions, though, insisting they stay in a stack against the wall. Long before Jarin was ready to leave, long before the room was in any semblance of order at all, she shooed them out of the apartment and took them to her grandfather’s house.
She put the coffee pot on for them, and then hugged her grandfather. “Thank you for the apartment. It’s perfect.”
Jarin watched the interaction between the two Pattersons. The old man was cantankerous, but it was clear he loved his granddaughter. Jarin could understand that. He loved her, too. It seemed to him he’d loved her forever. When she’d visited Vulture Valley as a teenager he’d been enchanted by her golden hair and the way she understood the desert. As they’d both grown older his love for her had deepened. Now it was almost a physical pain in his heart that she didn’t seem to understand how perfect she was for him and how much he needed her.
She went out to her father’s kitchen and brought in the coffee and a plate of cookies. “Grandpa, where’s the key to the apartment, please? I want to lock the door.”
The old man frowned. “Oh, yes, it did come with keys. But no one needs such things out here. I put the paperwork in the filing cabinet. Perhaps they’re in there.”
Instead of sitting down to talk to them, Grace disappeared from the room again. About ten minutes later Jarin watched her go over to the apartment and lock the door. Then she went around to the lean-to beside the house and took out her dirt bike. She started the engine and rode it around the backyard a few times then rode it up the luggage ramp and into the U-Haul truck. Next she put the luggage trolley back into the truck, packed up the ramp, and closed the door.
Jarin was confused. Surely she wasn’t going joyriding on the dirt bike right now. He’d planned to follow her to the next town in his truck and bring her home after she returned the U-Haul. That would give him an hour or seventy minutes to convince her to let him date her. But no. Before he could even get his thoughts together, the truck bumped its way out of the backyard and was gone.
“What the fuck?” he exploded.
“There are only three coffee cups. If you’d paid attention, you would have known she wasn’t coming back right now,” said Mark quietly.
“But I wanted to go with her to return the truck.”
“I think we can safely assume that she wanted to go alone.” This time there was a hint of laughter in Mark’s voice.
Jarin jumped to his feet, ready to punch the stupid, smart-ass grin off Mark’s face, but Mr. Patterson said, “Boys!”
“I haven’t been a boy for ten years,” he grumbled, sitting down again and snatching the last cookie off the plate.
“Well, stop acting like one then,” said the old man.
Jarin bit off a chunk of cookie then drew in a deep breath to control his anger. All that happened was a bunch of cookie crumbs went down his throat the wrong way and he ended up coughing and coughing, until his face was red, and his eyes were watering.
Mark left the room and came back with a glass of water and a handful of tissues for him, but he had no breath left to thank him if he’d wanted to. Which he didn’t.
He’d just gotten his breath back and was sipping his water when Glen said, “You two boys aren’t paying attention at all. She went to that mating party thing, remember? Where a lot of the women mated two or even three men. Stop trying to win her over one at a time. Your attempts are a waste of effort. Instead, if you can figure out a way to work together to both mate her, you just might succeed. Now off you go and learn how to do it. Don’t come back until you’ve gotten a proper plan.”
Jarin stared at the old man. “Two men? A ménage? Both of us together?”
“Exactly. Now go away and don’t come back until you know how to succeed.”

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Ten Brand New Free Stories on the App!!

Coming on 13 July!

"The Nurse and her Wolves" This story is the Prequel to the "Werewolves Wanting Love" series.
Josiah Miles is concussed on the way to the mating party when he stops to help a broken-down truck. He and Riley Steele meet Nurse Eilidh Brennan and know she’s the woman for them. But Eilidh isn’t looking for a man of her own. She’s only there to work.