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Seeds of Seduction: the final book in the Seducing Them series

"Seeds of Seduction" (MFM) "Seducing Them" book 5

Amber Smalt heads into the desert for two months to help the werewolf shape-shifters at Roxburgh. She’s excited at the idea of visiting the desert and learning all about the people and plants there. Also, she needs to cut loose from Rhett, who wants her to be with him and won’t take no for an answer.

Bryan Winton and James Sullivan are instantly attracted to Amber and want her to stay at Roxburgh forever with them. The American First Seeds Project needs her input, but they need her. She’s everything they ever hoped for, or desired, all bound up in a single cute package. But first they need to let her acclimatize to the heat, and to teach her all about desert life. It’s a beautiful place, but survival skills are essential. Besides, showing her around the desert is the perfect opportunity to be alone with her. If she’ll agree to spend time with them.

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Bryan’s cock filled and stretched her cunt in a way that made her feel truly possessed and part of him. Part of them both because her fingers held James’s cock even though it was driving her insane with her wrists tied together so that she couldn’t stroke and hold him how she really wanted to.

Cautiously she licked up the side of his shaft and then sucked James’s head into her mouth. Ha! He was as eager for this as she was. Already she could taste a hint of saltiness on the cockhead which proved he was already giving her some of his pre-cum.

Slowly Bryan pulled his cock out of her pussy, leaving her feeling anxious and empty. She wanted him back inside her right now, even though logic told her he had to pull out to drive back in. So maybe what she really wanted was him to move faster so she didn’t notice the empty stage.

Amber rubbed her tongue around the head of James’s cock, flicking it into the eye, and drawing it along the ridge where the round head joined the hard shaft. Soft, silky skin connected to tough, sturdy muscle in a way that was almost as erotic as the sucking of the cock itself.

Bryan slammed into her cunt so hard that all the breath was driven out of her body in a single stroke. Fuck! No man had ever been that deep inside her before. But she liked it. She loved the sensations of being completely filled by hot, hard man. However it reminded her that she was supposed to be sucking James, not just exploring his shaft. He wiggled a little closer to her mouth, which helped as she rolled his balls with her bound hands and opened her mouth over him to suck him in deeply, as far as she could.

Amber tipped her head right back on the blanket, arching her spine and pushing her breasts up as she did. She took a deep breath and lightly scraped her teeth over James’s cockhead, and then fed his cock down into her mouth again, opening the back of her throat when the head rested against it.

At first her reflex tried to make her gag, but she forced herself to breathe through her nose and swallow, pushing the cock deeper down her throat until he filled the back of her throat completely. Her body still wasn’t quite adjusted to deep-throating, so she let him out quickly, rolling and teasing his balls and scraping her fingernails over them and over the soft skin of his inner thighs.

Meanwhile Bryan was pumping in and out of her cunt, raising her need higher and higher. Already she could feel desire building in the pit of her belly and she gasped, “Touch my clit. Pinch my breasts.”

“Hell no. You like your clit pinched so you can orgasm and we don’t want you coming yet. The higher we can build you up the harder you’ll climax. And you want to come hard, don’t you, Amber?” James didn’t wait for her to reply. He thrust his cock into her mouth again, gripping her hair and pushing until she’d opened her throat and let him go deeper. Only then did he pinch her nipples hard, two vicious little twists that brought tears to her eyes and flooded her cunt with cream.

“She liked that. Do it again,” said Bryan.

“What about this? Do you like this?” James slapped his hands down on her breasts, leaving two pink marks on her skin. It shocked her, but heat flooded across her flesh and she smiled. It wasn’t as good as a pinch, but the area it affected was much bigger, so was good in its own way. It also told her quite clearly that she’d like having her ass spanked and that was good to know for the future.

She released James from her mouth and nibbled the flesh on the side of his erection, and then sucked each of his balls. But James was impatient. He gripped her hair again and said, “Deep-throat me now. You know you want to.”

He pulled her hair hard, directing her head exactly where he needed her to be, and she knew he was tugging her curls much more forcibly than he needed to. But once again although her eyes were flooded with tears, the burn from the hair pulling was heating her body in the most surprisingly carnal way. He bent over and kissed her, then smiled. “You like that as much as having your nipples pinched, don’t you?”

Her mouth was full of cock so she couldn’t answer. Also she was much too aroused to decide now whether hair pulling and slapping were as good as nipple pinching. She needed to be alone to debate that question with herself. But it was true that they were all very good indeed.

Bryan was slamming in and out of her cunt now. He tilted her ass up higher, pushing her breasts into the air and James was petting and stroking them again. Her nipples were so hard she wanted them pinched, but she knew James was deliberately touching her globes instead of her nipples.

Most of her weight was resting on her shoulders now. Amber’s ass was lifted off the blanket with both of Bryan’s hands on her butt cheeks and his cock slamming in and out of her cunt, driving her arousal sky high. She began to think that even without her clit being touched she’d orgasm very soon.

She took a deep breath, licked over James’s shaft and cockhead and then sucked him into her mouth, sucking on his head hard before relaxing her throat and letting him slide down it. She had no gag reflex at all this time. Her body had remembered what to do.

Bryan pulled out of her and there was a slight pause, which made her feel empty and lonely again. He hadn’t done that since the very beginning of when he started fucking her and she had a moment to wonder if he did it for a reason. Then he slammed into her deep and hard, hitting her cervix. An intense shard of pain blasted through her body and she groaned.

Before Amber could take a breath, fingers pinched her clit and both her nipples fiercely, and she gasped.

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The Nurse and her Wolves for 99 cents!

The Nurse and Her Wolves (MFM) Werewolves Wanting Love Prequel

This title is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, February 20th

Josiah Miles is concussed on the way to the mating party when he and Riley Steele stop to help a broken-down truck. They meet Nurse Eilidh Brennan and know she’s the woman for them. But Eilidh isn’t looking for a man of her own. She’s only there to work. As she cares for Josiah she gets to know him and Riley. They’re both very careful not to take her away from her patients, but they also make it clear they want to get to know her better. Much better.

Eilidh wants to concentrate on her work, but Josiah and Riley are men she’s very attracted to. And what about the men who attacked Josiah in the first place? They were attempting to get access to all the unmated women at the mating party. Is anyone safe? Will there be more attacks? How can Eilidh spend time on romance when danger could be just around the corner?

Note: This for-sale version has been revised and expanded and is at 16,146 words. The original short version at 11,338 words is available for free only inside the BookStrand App.

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Eilidh’s body was on fire. Every nerve ending she owned was alight with the need to be fucked. But only by these men. Never before had any man ever aroused her this high. Even when she was a young nurse no man had touched her so delightfully, so comprehensively, so arousingly, and kissed her as thoroughly as Josiah and Riley had done.

She knew about ménages. Several of the wolves at Hanson Mall had formed ménage relationships. But she’d never stopped to think just how intense it would be with two men touching and kissing her simultaneously. It seemed like their hands and mouths were everywhere at once, and still she wanted more. She wanted—no, needed—their cocks inside her now.

Josiah climbed up on the bed, pushed the pillows between his back and the headboard, grabbed a condom, and spread his legs wide. “Sit on my dick, Eilidh, with your back toward me.”

“Are you sure you aren’t making this unnecessarily complicated?” she asked, following him up onto the bed and sliding onto his lap.

She kneeled up then wiggled backward into position until his hand on her hip directed her down over his cock. He was holding her steady, but she was much too desperate to wait some indefinite time. She simply sat down on his cock as if it had been in her cunt instead of her ass. It burned a bit on the way in, but it was a good burn, a burn that opened her up and gave her nerve endings a taste of the delights about to come.

Riley joined them, sitting between Josiah’s legs and lifting her legs around and over his hips whereas she’d had her feet pointed back to the head of the bed. Now she was able to lock them behind Riley’s back as he inched ever closer, pressing his cock into her cunt a little more with every inch he gained.

Eilidh had never had two men at once before. This was her first ever ménage. Of course, she was a nurse, so she understood the theory perfectly. Although she hadn’t expected them all to be sitting up. But the position clearly worked. Her cunt was pouring cream over Riley’s cock, and the nerves in her ass were alive and insisting Josiah begin to fuck her there.

She tightened her feet around Riley’s back and leaned her own spine against Josiah, loving his hard washboard abs behind her as well as his cock filling her ass.

The moment they began to move inside her she came, the climax exploding from deep in her belly with no warning at all and blasting out of her head, making her see stars for a few minutes.

The men paused, and then began fucking her deep and hard. They pounded into her in unison, both holding her tightly between them and driving so deep inside her she could only gasp with pleasure.

Meanwhile her orgasm still tingled along her nerve endings and a spiral of pleasure coiled deep in her belly again as Josiah and Riley maintained their inexorable pace of pumping into her, holding their cocks inside her for a heartbeat, then withdrawing only to drive inside her again.

Eilidh kept her spine pressed back against Josiah, her head resting on his shoulder and her eyes closed to savor the intense pleasure. Her fingers gripped Riley’s shoulders, and her feet pressed against his back. The three of them were completely and utterly united, their bodies joined together in so many different ways.

Riley leaned forward and sucked one of her breasts into his mouth, licking and sucking in time with the thrusts of their cocks. Eilidh had thought she couldn’t be more aroused than she already was, but her nerves spiked higher with every suck he gave her. And then Josiah pushed a hand down her belly and began rubbing her clit.


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Rogue Seduction (MFM) Seducing Them book 4

"Rogue Seduction" (MFM) "Seducing Them" book 4

Summer Grussell’s brother vanished six months ago. When some others are sent to help the rogue pack, she goes, too, to look for him. Christopher Blake and Roland Ellis take one look at Summer and wonder if she’s the mate they’ve been looking and hoping for. Chris, Roland, and six other men left their pack in Idaho after their Alpha refused to accept the Supreme Alpha’s ruling that ménages and interspecies marriages were permitted. They’ve moved to the Nevada desert and established a new community. Now all they need is to find a way to survive and then they can look for mates. Alpha Wolfric is going to help them settle in the desert, and maybe, just maybe, Summer will be their woman. If she can forgive them for accidently kidnapping Jaz. And if they can adjust to the heat. And then there’s the tiny problem of how to earn a living in the middle of nowhere.


“Sit down, Tony.”

“Don’t be such an idiot, Boyd. You’ll get arrested.”

Summer flicked her gaze up into the rearview mirror of the school bus in time to see two boys with their naked asses pressed to the windows as a Jeep passed them on the track. A lot of screaming was coming from the very back of the bus, where a fight seemed to have broken out.

So many kids were out of their seats and moving around now the bus was rocking, and Summer eased off the accelerator, reached for her microphone and ordered, “Everyone sit down please.”

No one paid her any attention. In fact, the shouting and screaming got louder. She slowed the big bus even farther and spoke again. “People, get back in your seats right now, thank you.”

No response.

Summer Grussell loved machinery, cars, trucks, anything with wheels. Even as a child she’d been more interested in playing with her older brother Kevin’s Tonka trucks than with her own Barbie dolls. So when he’d said he was visiting a friend for a few weeks she’d been happy to take over his job driving the school bus.

That had been six months ago and he still hadn’t returned, and right now she was no longer prepared to put up with the job. The kids had always been loud, unruly, and disrespectful, but this she was not prepared to tolerate. Even if it got her terminated.

She stopped the bus in the middle of the track and turned the engine, and therefore the air-conditioning, off. Then she stood up and starting taking pictures on her cell phone. The first ones she took were images of the naked rear ends of the two older teenage boys who seemed to consider mooning any passing traffic, or the other kids on the bus, funny.

She sent the pictures to her own e-mail account immediately, in case one of the kids took the cell phone from her, and snapped several pictures of a group of middle school children standing in the center of the bus, pushing and shoving each other. The rules were that all children must remain seated until the bus stopped. Technically it had just stopped, but no one seemed to have noticed that yet.

She sent those pictures to her e-mail as well. Finally she snapped a few general crowd shots in case the faces of the misbehaving ones weren’t clear. It’d be obvious who they were by process of elimination. She’d scarcely e-mailed them to herself when a couple of older boys yelled out, “Why the fuck have you stopped?”

She hit record on her phone just in time to catch the swear word, and grinned, sitting back in her seat but not answering. She took the precaution of putting her cell phone down her bra, still leaving it recording. There’d be no more pictures of course, but at least there’d be sound if one of those teenagers hit her, and anyone who took it from her would be up on charges of harassment.

“Hey, bitch, driver, I’m talking to you. Why aren’t you driving the damn bus?”

Summer continued to wait, hoping her cell phone caught the noise gradually abating. Only when the bus was comparatively quiet did she speak again. “Ladies and gentlemen, if you care to be seated, and if those older gentlemen, put their pants back on, then the bus will continue to take you home.”

She watched in the rear view mirror. There was some soft snickering and giggling, and most of the fighting middle school students had returned to their seats, but a group of older boys had not. Right then the two ringleaders, turned around and mooned her.

Damn. I wish I’d gotten that on my phone.

Maybe some of the other students would have taken a picture.

The two boys swaggered up to the front of the bus. Fortunately they’d pulled their jeans up so she wasn’t forced to see their genitals.

One of them leaned right over into her personal space and said, “Who do you think you are, bitch? Drive the fucking bus.”

“Yeah,” added the other one helpfully.

“It will be my pleasure to drive the bus, once you’re all seated. Health and safety regulations require all students to be in their seats when the bus is moving.”

“I don’t want to sit down and you can’t make me.”

The boy clearly expected her to argue with him, but Summer looked through him, to the rest of the passengers. Some of the other boys were coming forward now. She was starting to feel a little nervous. They were only teenagers but there were half a dozen of them and they would be more than a match for a sole woman. Thank God her phone was taping this altercation.

“If you aren’t going to drive we’ll throw you off the bus and drive it ourselves,” said the boy.

“Yeah,” said his friend, who was definitely just a follower.

“Do you have a drivers’ license for buses?” she asked.

“He hasn’t even gotten his license to drive a car yet. Sit down and stop being a fucking retard, Boyd. It’s hot and I want the air conditioning back on and I want to go home.” The speaker was an older girl, and several other people echoed her comment. Two of the boys standing in the aisle disappeared back to their seats.

As if the girl had unleashed their voices, a chorus of other children called out, saying they were hot, too, and telling the boys to sit down and be quiet.

“I still say we throw the bitch off the bus and drive it ourselves,” argued Boyd.


Summer was beginning to think she might have to fight them off. She absolutely couldn’t let them attempt to drive the bus and risk the lives of thirty other children just to stroke their testosterone-fueled male egos. But fortunately the older girl who’d spoken first stood up in her seat holding her cell phone in the air.

“I’ve pressed 9-1-1. On the count of three I’m pressing call. One… two—”

Everyone in the aisle raced for their seats except Boyd and his echo. But the follower did show a modicum of sense. He tapped Boyd’s arm and said, “Um. Boyd?”

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