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Seeds of Seduction: the final book in the Seducing Them series

"Seeds of Seduction" (MFM) "Seducing Them" book 5

Amber Smalt heads into the desert for two months to help the werewolf shape-shifters at Roxburgh. She’s excited at the idea of visiting the desert and learning all about the people and plants there. Also, she needs to cut loose from Rhett, who wants her to be with him and won’t take no for an answer.

Bryan Winton and James Sullivan are instantly attracted to Amber and want her to stay at Roxburgh forever with them. The American First Seeds Project needs her input, but they need her. She’s everything they ever hoped for, or desired, all bound up in a single cute package. But first they need to let her acclimatize to the heat, and to teach her all about desert life. It’s a beautiful place, but survival skills are essential. Besides, showing her around the desert is the perfect opportunity to be alone with her. If she’ll agree to spend time with them.

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Bryan’s cock filled and stretched her cunt in a way that made her feel truly possessed and part of him. Part of them both because her fingers held James’s cock even though it was driving her insane with her wrists tied together so that she couldn’t stroke and hold him how she really wanted to.

Cautiously she licked up the side of his shaft and then sucked James’s head into her mouth. Ha! He was as eager for this as she was. Already she could taste a hint of saltiness on the cockhead which proved he was already giving her some of his pre-cum.

Slowly Bryan pulled his cock out of her pussy, leaving her feeling anxious and empty. She wanted him back inside her right now, even though logic told her he had to pull out to drive back in. So maybe what she really wanted was him to move faster so she didn’t notice the empty stage.

Amber rubbed her tongue around the head of James’s cock, flicking it into the eye, and drawing it along the ridge where the round head joined the hard shaft. Soft, silky skin connected to tough, sturdy muscle in a way that was almost as erotic as the sucking of the cock itself.

Bryan slammed into her cunt so hard that all the breath was driven out of her body in a single stroke. Fuck! No man had ever been that deep inside her before. But she liked it. She loved the sensations of being completely filled by hot, hard man. However it reminded her that she was supposed to be sucking James, not just exploring his shaft. He wiggled a little closer to her mouth, which helped as she rolled his balls with her bound hands and opened her mouth over him to suck him in deeply, as far as she could.

Amber tipped her head right back on the blanket, arching her spine and pushing her breasts up as she did. She took a deep breath and lightly scraped her teeth over James’s cockhead, and then fed his cock down into her mouth again, opening the back of her throat when the head rested against it.

At first her reflex tried to make her gag, but she forced herself to breathe through her nose and swallow, pushing the cock deeper down her throat until he filled the back of her throat completely. Her body still wasn’t quite adjusted to deep-throating, so she let him out quickly, rolling and teasing his balls and scraping her fingernails over them and over the soft skin of his inner thighs.

Meanwhile Bryan was pumping in and out of her cunt, raising her need higher and higher. Already she could feel desire building in the pit of her belly and she gasped, “Touch my clit. Pinch my breasts.”

“Hell no. You like your clit pinched so you can orgasm and we don’t want you coming yet. The higher we can build you up the harder you’ll climax. And you want to come hard, don’t you, Amber?” James didn’t wait for her to reply. He thrust his cock into her mouth again, gripping her hair and pushing until she’d opened her throat and let him go deeper. Only then did he pinch her nipples hard, two vicious little twists that brought tears to her eyes and flooded her cunt with cream.

“She liked that. Do it again,” said Bryan.

“What about this? Do you like this?” James slapped his hands down on her breasts, leaving two pink marks on her skin. It shocked her, but heat flooded across her flesh and she smiled. It wasn’t as good as a pinch, but the area it affected was much bigger, so was good in its own way. It also told her quite clearly that she’d like having her ass spanked and that was good to know for the future.

She released James from her mouth and nibbled the flesh on the side of his erection, and then sucked each of his balls. But James was impatient. He gripped her hair again and said, “Deep-throat me now. You know you want to.”

He pulled her hair hard, directing her head exactly where he needed her to be, and she knew he was tugging her curls much more forcibly than he needed to. But once again although her eyes were flooded with tears, the burn from the hair pulling was heating her body in the most surprisingly carnal way. He bent over and kissed her, then smiled. “You like that as much as having your nipples pinched, don’t you?”

Her mouth was full of cock so she couldn’t answer. Also she was much too aroused to decide now whether hair pulling and slapping were as good as nipple pinching. She needed to be alone to debate that question with herself. But it was true that they were all very good indeed.

Bryan was slamming in and out of her cunt now. He tilted her ass up higher, pushing her breasts into the air and James was petting and stroking them again. Her nipples were so hard she wanted them pinched, but she knew James was deliberately touching her globes instead of her nipples.

Most of her weight was resting on her shoulders now. Amber’s ass was lifted off the blanket with both of Bryan’s hands on her butt cheeks and his cock slamming in and out of her cunt, driving her arousal sky high. She began to think that even without her clit being touched she’d orgasm very soon.

She took a deep breath, licked over James’s shaft and cockhead and then sucked him into her mouth, sucking on his head hard before relaxing her throat and letting him slide down it. She had no gag reflex at all this time. Her body had remembered what to do.

Bryan pulled out of her and there was a slight pause, which made her feel empty and lonely again. He hadn’t done that since the very beginning of when he started fucking her and she had a moment to wonder if he did it for a reason. Then he slammed into her deep and hard, hitting her cervix. An intense shard of pain blasted through her body and she groaned.

Before Amber could take a breath, fingers pinched her clit and both her nipples fiercely, and she gasped.

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