Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Mate to Share. Wolf Pack Mates 2: Eve's story

Werewolf shape-shifters Morgan Hemming and Jett Kenyon want Eve Lang, but she won’t agree to anything formal until she finds out what secrets are being hidden from her.

The craft market run by best friends Taige York, Ginnie Thomas, and Eve in the old schoolhouse is an enormous amount of work, but is going really well, and Eve’s sold some wall hangings. But the men are struggling to balance pack safety against their love for, and determination to have, Eve.

Within the pack are wolves concerned mating with humans will result in the death of their species, led by Sard Varg. But others say it’s the only way the pack will survive. Either way, Morgan and Jett set to work to convince Eve that they love her and will care for her forever – in and out of the dungeon.


So, he hadn’t planned to shop for picnic tables, but it was better than shopping for shoes. Picnic tables said outdoors, and outdoors was a man’s world. He just hoped he didn’t get asked any questions he couldn’t answer. Although he was pretty sure Eve would have done her homework and he could leave her to answer questions, and just contribute his muscles and physical presence to the shopping expedition.

The internet must have offered a store map as well, because Eve unerringly worked her way through the enormous precinct past all sorts of things he’d never even heard of, far less knew how to use, to the garden section where the picnic tables sat. Quite a few of them were set up and Eve pointed to the one she liked. He and Jett stuck their heads under the table noting where the bolts fit. “We should be able to assemble them quite easily. It’s only a couple bolts to attach the base to the actual table, and the legs to the bench,” he said, hoping he was right.

There was a pile of boxes containing the picnic tables sitting beside the shelves, so Morgan went off to get a flat trolley to load everything on. He easily followed the signs to where the trolleys were parked and a few minutes later he made his way back to them with two trolleys. “It doesn’t look big enough to hold all six,” he explained.

Together they loaded three tables and six benches on each trolley. “We’ve just about cleaned them out,” he said nodding at the shelf where just two more sets leaned against the shelving.

“Yes. I thought about getting the last two, but I really think six will be enough. We need to make sure there’s plenty of space for the concession trucks to set up their place to sell from, as well as parking spots for the clients. Too many picnic tables and we’d be running out of room,” Eve said.

Trying to steer the trolley was a bit like trying to steer a brick, so their walk back to the exit was a lot slower than their entry. Once Eve had paid for the picnic tables and they’d loaded them all into the truck, not needing the blankets after all because they were all in boxes, Jett said, “Why don’t we have a cup of coffee together while we’re here.”

“Actually I haven’t had lunch yet. Let’s eat. Or have you already eaten?”

“No, I haven’t had lunch,” Morgan replied honestly. Actually he’d eaten a very large late breakfast, but hey, he was a man and a wolf, and could always manage another meal. Besides, that was the best part of three hours ago now.

“I’m hungry, too,” said Jett. Morgan guessed he was sidestepping the question as well. But still, if she was agreeing to spend more time with them there was no way they’d say no. First, they needed to get her used to them, to accept them as they were. Once they were certain of her feelings they’d explain a little more about their community. Like, for example, that they weren’t human.

Morgan was sure Jasper would have told Taige not to break silence on this issue. So he was quite sure he wasn’t in any way lying to Eve. It was going to be damn difficult though, to be honest and truthful and build confidence with her, without discussing their heritage. But Jasper and Cornelian had evidently managed to do it, so he and Jett would as well.

Morgan turned in a semi-circle looking around the parking lot. As far as he could see it was either junk-food take-out or a health-food bar. He had a sinking feeling he’d be eating healthy. How terrible could it be? He’d be with Eve which would have to make up for the trauma of eating raw organic vegetables whose names he didn’t know and which likely tasted disgusting. Taking a deep breath he said, “Do you want to go to Healthy Habits?”

She stared at him with piercing silver-gray eyes. “I felt sure you’d rather have a steak sandwich.”

Jett took her arm, turning her away from Morgan. “I’m multitalented. I eat anything. Come on, Morgan, let’s go.”

Morgan stepped up beside them and they walked through the parking lot over to the health-food restaurant. He opened the door for her, and followed Jett in. Eve was already standing at the counter, looking at all the containers of freshly chopped vegetables. They certainly did smell nice, and he could recognize a surprising number of them. The server offered a choice of breads, then made a sandwich as the customer pointed out to what they wanted on it. It was exactly like any other salad bar he’d ever been to, but with some new-to-him ingredients. Fortunately Eve asked some questions about various items, which incidentally let him know what they were, so when it came time to get his sandwich he was able to choose items he knew he liked.

The same pattern was followed when it came time to choose a drink. Eve pointed to the fruits she wanted, they were placed in a blender, and she was handed a big glass of fresh fruit juice. Morgan chose orange, watermelon, and pineapple, and was surprised at how refreshing a drink it made.

But the best part was simply sitting and watching Eve’s face as she talked. He let Jett ask most of the questions, happy to watch her silver eyes sparkle, and her pale cheeks glow with pleasure as the conversation ranged widely across a huge number of topics. Morgan was almost sad when it was time to drive back to the schoolhouse. While Jett drove the big truck he needed to come up with the perfect reason why she should go on a date with them, and where they could go.

The closer they got to the schoolhouse the more stressed he became, unable to think of a single good idea. Finally, as they turned into the access road he blurted out, “So, Eve, how do you feel about BDSM sex?”

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