Friday, 6 September 2013

Their Perfect Mate 3 men and a woman. OUT TODAY!

Human Jill Evans came to the interspecies mating party looking for Mr. Right. But who is he? Sexy Sloan Davison who wants to take her back to his pack to choose another man to join them from the ten eligible bachelors there? Or should she accept Jarrah Armstrong and Keir Wade, who answer all her needs for a BDSM relationship?

The BDSM with Keir and Jarrah fulfills her body’s every craving, but Sloan’s offer is incredibly appealing, too. The more she gets to know them the harder it becomes to choose. Meals, dancing, entertainment,

BDSM scenes, and orgasms, all are wonderful. As are the men.

The week-long party is drawing to a close, and now Jill’s more undecided than ever. How the hell is she supposed to make a decision? Then some rogue wolves break in with their own agenda.


"Jill, you lost. Come here and touch your toes.”

She did as he’d asked, her tiny dress falling back, exposing not just her legs and ass, but part of her back as well. Keir picked up her plastic racket and paddled her ass hard, knowing the plastic would sting, but not really damage her in any way. He kept spanking her until her ass was pink, then said, “Sit on the ground, legs wide apart, feet flat on the floor.”

Keir walked across to a plastic bag of equipment he’d brought with him and left on the tool bench, and took from it a huge pink dildo still in its plastic wrapping. “Hold your cunt wide open and fuck yourself with this. Do not come until I say you can.”

While Jill was taking the dildo out of its wrapping, he turned to Jarrah. “This is your prize. You can get as close as you want to watch her, but you aren’t to touch her.”

Jarrah waited until Jill inserted the dildo deep into her pussy, then he kneeled down directly in front of her. Keir was pleased to see Jarrah’s gaze flicking from her face, to her breasts, and down to her cunt, before moving to her face again.

For her part, Jill used the fingers of one hand to hold her nether lips apart and give Jarrah a good view of the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy, and the gleaming wet cream that soon coated it.

Keir watched closely and noted the interior of Jill’s pussy growing more red. “Stop.”

She left the dildo inside her and looked up.

“Take the costume off. Then touch your breasts.”

Jill wiggled and fidgeted, pulling and pushing at the dress, obviously finding it quite hard to pull the tiny dress off. Her breasts had fallen out and been pushed back in the neckline so often she had to pull them both completely out of the dress then work the neckline up and over them before she could remove it.

“And you, Jarrah. Would you feel more comfortable not wearing your costume?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very well. Take it off.”

Jarrah took care with his cock, but it still only took him a moment to pull the underpants down and off his legs.

“Bend over and touch your toes, Jarrah.”

Keir quickly took his flogger out of his bag and whipped it across Jarrah’s ass half a dozen times.

“Now you, Jill.”

She pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and bent over.

“Did I give you permission to remove the dildo?”

“No, Sir.”

“Exactly. I did not.”

First he flogged her shoulders and thighs with the flogger, then he swatted her ass half a dozen times with the plastic tennis racket.

“Both of you, close your eyes.”

He returned to his equipment bag and pulled out two blindfolds and two ball gags. These had come from his own toy box. Quickly he blindfolded and gagged them both, then he took two pairs of handcuffs, also from his toy box and cuffed their hands behind their back, in case either of them decided to try to circumvent the blindfolds or gags. He knew they wouldn’t deliberately take them right off, but he wouldn’t have been surprised to catch them trying to peek or to push the gag a bit to the side. Now they wouldn’t be able to use their hands for any such tricks at least.

He stood behind them both and swished the plastic racket through the air. It made quite a loud, distinctive noise which should misdirect them nicely. He gave Jarrah a couple of quick swats on the ass with it then silently moved in front of them, swapped his flogger to his right hand, and flogged them both across the belly, then Jarrah as well over his chest and upper arms. He was more cautious with Jill, but did give her one light flog across her breasts and a harder one over her upper thighs.

Then he moved behind them and flogged them several times over their thighs and shoulders and across Jarrah’s ass again. He didn’t want to punish Jill’s ass much more because he couldn’t be sure how sore she might be from having been paddled with the plastic racket.

Keir turned Jarrah to face Jill, removed his blindfold, and handed him the dildo. “Your challenge is to insert it back in her pussy where it belongs. Be careful not to push too hard and do not hurt her.”

Jarrah just stared at him for a moment, the dildo in his handcuffed hands behind his back. Then he sat on the ground and wiggled and pushed and twisted his body. It took Keir a few moments to work out what he was doing, then he had to hide a smile. Damn the man. He was going to push his body through his arms so the handcuffs were in front of him. It was more than possible, escape artists did it all the time, and quite a few criminals had done it and escaped custody too, but it still wasn’t particularly easy to do.

Keir also wondered what Jill thought, still standing there blindfolded and unable to know what was happening, yet able to sense movement. She’d know the air being disturbed was not close to her body though. Keir hoped it increased her arousal and tension.

Jarrah’s technique was determined, and he learned fast. When one thing worked, he repeated it. When something no longer worked, he modified it. Far faster than Keir would have expected he’d pulled his arms down over his butt and now his hands, still holding the dildo, were cuffed in front of his body instead of behind him. Jarrah grinned and kneeled up, creeping closer to Jill until he was between her legs. He rearranged the dildo in his hands, and pushed the tip at her entry. She widened her legs and Jarrah pushed it an inch or two more. Her body absorbed the dildo inside herself and Jarrah wobbled it a bit from side to side, inching it deeper into her until it was fully inserted. He crept backward and looked up at Keir.

“Well done, sub. You used your brains as well as your brawn and have earned yourself another reward.”

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