Friday, 3 October 2014

Dungeon Masters: Use Me

Use Me (MFM) Dungeon Masters book 5

Violet Cambrisi has finally achieved her dream of owning a farm where she can have horses. Now all she needs is the cowboy caring for them, Raphael Allsop, and the builder renovating her house, Darcy Nelson, to share her farmhouse and her life with her.

Darcy is a werewolf and a Dom and considers her to be too pushy. He doesn’t want her staying in the old house until it’s repaired. And that’s before the hot water unit explodes and brings down the ceiling. Raff used to have money and a high-powered job in New York and walked away from all that. Now he has nothing and is nobody, not a fit person to hang around such a beautiful woman.

But Violet wants them both and they both want her. Life is incredibly complicated and they all have different problems to overcome. Once they enter the dungeon together, their bodies explode far more dramatically than the hot water unit did.


Despite having promised to stay out in the barn, Violet couldn’t resist sneaking into the house—her house now—and peeking into the rooms. No matter what that big bossy builder said about rotting floorboards and overstressed beams, the realtor had walked her though all the rooms when she’d first considered buying the farm. Well, it was her grandfather who’d bought it really, but she was the one who’d be living here.

Her grandfather was extremely wealthy and his only child, her father, had been killed in Afghanistan by an IED. He wasn’t even a soldier, just a mad-keen photographer who’d wanted to take pictures out in the countryside. Violet couldn’t remember him. She’d only been eighteen months old at the time.

Her mother hadn’t been able to cope with the death of the man she loved, turning first to alcohol, and then to social drugs, and finally to illegal hard drugs. Grandpop had admitted her to a rehabilitation program but it was too late. She’d overdosed and was dead before Violet’s fourth birthday.

Fortunately Grandpop had been one of five children and Violet had been reared in the midst of a plethora of second and third cousins, most of whom seemed to have large families of their own.

Violet tilted her head to the side. She could hear water dripping. That was weird. The workmen weren’t here yet and she hadn’t noticed it last night. She walked into the kitchen and looked at the sink, but the faucets there were turned off properly. Next she stepped into the laundry room but once again the faucets weren’t responsible for the noise. Which seemed a little louder now.

Could the noise be coming from upstairs? Violet tipped her head up to look at the ceiling. She’d kept her word and not been up there at all, but maybe now was the time to go looking. She walked out of the laundry, down the hallway, past the little room she’d planned to stay in, and into the great room. This was the heart of the house, a gigantic space, part dining room, part living room, and part sunroom. Already Violet could picture herself here wrapped in a blanket in front of the huge open fire in winter, or sitting in a rocking chair by the window in summer.

The noise was definitely louder. She hurried now over to the staircase only to stop in surprise. Water was trickling down it, forming a puddle at the base of the lowest step.

“Hot damn. Some idiot must have left water running all night.”

Violet began to run up the stairs, glad the water was only a trickle, and that the workmen would be here soon to clean up the mess.

Just as she reached the top, there was a booming crack, as if a thunderstorm was directly over her head, and Violet was drenched in water. The ceiling dropped down in pieces all around her and water, harder than any rainstorm, pelted over her, soaking her to the skin in a heartbeat. Violet found herself sitting on her ass, the force of the water racing her down the stairs and dumping her at the bottom in the midst of a growing flood.

She picked herself up and staggered through the swimming pool that had been her living room ten seconds ago to open the front door and let the water out. Then she gripped the handrail of the stairs and pushed her way against the tide to find out what faucet needed turning off. Once again, she’d just reached the top when a loud voice said, “Are you crazy, woman? What the fuck are you doing?”

She lost her grip on the handrail in her surprise, and once again splashed down to land on her ass and be swept down the stairs. The water wasn’t pouring out as fast now, and it was just like riding a waterslide at the fun park. She landed at the bottom of the stairs, laughing hard. “Oh, my god, what a ride.”

Two brawny arms hauled her to her feet and held her tight. “Are you injured?”

She looked up into the tanned face and brown eyes of the bossy builder. “I’m fine. That was the most amazing waterslide I’ve ever ridden in my life. There seems to be a problem upstairs.”

“No kidding. What the fuck were you doing? I told you to stay out of the house.”

Violet pulled away from him. “I only came in because I heard a faucet dripping. I didn’t make it upstairs to turn it off before the ceiling fell in.”

“The ceiling fell in?”

“Are you okay?”

Violet turned to look at the doorway. The second voice was her yummy cowboy. He was ankle deep in water but staring at her. Suddenly Violet realized she was soaking wet and fast getting really cold.

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