Friday, 11 January 2013

The Dom Protects His Puma is out today.

Book 2 of the "Unchained Love" series, "The Dom Protects His Puma" is out today. Ramona is about to give her Dom, Omar, plenty of trouble arriving at their Happy Ever After with JB. Omar Brown, a Dom and a panther, knows Ramona Davis, a puma, is his. But she refuses to accept him unless he includes Javier Miller as well. Omar is worried sick about the danger from the rogue panthers, and Javier is only a human, so he finally agrees to them being a ménage, but just for sex. Against a background of self-defense from the rogue panther attacks, and Omar becoming the pack Alpha because Sam seems unable to focus on anything except protecting his pure-blood panther daughter Leticia, Omar introduces Ramona to BDSM, the lifestyle Javier also follows, and which they all find fulfilling. Omar wants Ramona as his and his alone, preferably wearing his collar. Javier wants Ramona and is prepared to share her with Omar, as long as he gets her, too. Ramona wants them both, and her job at the movie studio. And the rogue panthers want pure-blood cat shifters—like Ramona, for instance.

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