Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther

The Dom's Patience is Rewarded (MFM)
"Unchained Love 4" is now available for pre-order (releasing 25 January)

Panther Dom Oliver Simpson has wanted to claim Leticia Brooks, another panther, for over a year, but her father, Sam, is paranoid about attacks by the rogue panthers. Now, a human nurse, William Chapman, has fallen in love with her too. It’s time for Leticia to decide what she wants.

Sam flees from the community after trying unsuccessfully to kidnap Leticia. With her father out of the picture, Leticia agrees to a three-way mating with both Oliver and William. Oliver teaches her the release and freedom that are found in BDSM sex, but the trio isn’t out of the woods yet.

Just as they settle down to begin their happily ever after, Sam tries to kill the leader of the rogue panthers because the man is his son. Now Leticia has to deal with a crazy father and an evil brother. Will Oliver, William, and Leticia’s new love be strong enough to survive?


The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther (MFM)
"Unchained Love 5" is now available for pre-order (releasing 1 February)

Half-panther Autumn Hayes is attracted to human Dom Curtis Cole and werewolf shape-shifter Nicholas Sullivan, even though she knows an alliance between a wolf and panther would never be possible.

Nicholas and Curtis are joint owners of a small boutique movie studio, but when they make love to her on one of the sets there, they discover that the rogue panthers aren’t finished with their crime spree and nowhere is safe.

Realizing that the best way they can protect Autumn is for them all to live at Carnal Connections, Curtis and Nicholas devise a plan to move their studio to the land adjoining the BDSM community. But will the people and shifters of Carnal Connections, already on edge, accept their plan, or will they be rejected as a threat to the community’s security?

However Nicholas and Curtis will just be wasting their time if Autumn can’t get past her fears of uniting a panther shape-shifter, a werewolf, and a human. How can they convince the scared community when they can’t even convince their reluctant mate?


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