Friday, 29 March 2013

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"Calling Doctor Wolf", Shape-Shifter Clinic book 1

Dr. Oscar Thorne inherited his grandparents’ house and is turning it into a hospital for shape-shifters, helped by his best friend, carpenter Danny Davies. The paperwork is never-ending, so he hires office manager Ambrielle Watson to deal with it all. Oscar and Danny are both wolves and both Doms. Ambrielle’s a human and a sub. Is she a perfect match for them both?

Oscar’s cousin George Thorne contests their grandparents’ will, demanding the house and all the land for himself. While their attorney, Sierra Bond, handles the legal side of things, the men concentrate on establishing the hospital, renovating the house, caring for the patients, and wooing Ambrielle. She’s not convinced. She can’t imagine herself in a permanent relationship with two wolves who are also Doms. Besides, what if George does take the hospital away from Oscar? What will happen then?

She gasped as he swung her into his arms and carried her over to the bed, placing her in the very center of it.

Immediately he sank down her body and began licking her clit and her slit. This time she gasped louder, audibly. His tongue was slightly rough, rasping over her tender flesh, and it was going to send her flying real soon if she didn’t deliberately hold herself back a bit.

Then her brain kicked into gear. He’d never actually said, “I’m a shape-shifter,” to her. Nor had Danny. But they’d both said things like, “our wolves.” She couldn’t remember right now, but they might have even said “we wolves,” although she rather thought that would have stuck in her mind. But endless hints had been present right from the beginning. When she’d so instantly recognized Fergus they must have assumed she’d recognized them, too, but she’d been blind and lust-ridden instead of attentive. But now she understood. Oscar’s tongue was a little rough because he was a wolf. So she was not only about to experience her very first ménage, she was also about to be fucked by two wolves. Well, wow!

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