Friday, 22 March 2013

The Shape-Shifter Clinic series is starting very soon!

The first book in the Shape-Shifter Clinic series is now available for pre-order!

"Calling Doctor Wolf" (MFM)BDSM werewolf

Dr. Oscar Thorne inherited his grandparents’ house and is turning it into a hospital for shape-shifters, helped by his best friend, carpenter Danny Davies. The paperwork is never-ending, so he hires office manager Ambrielle Watson to deal with it all. Oscar and Danny are both wolves and both Doms. Ambrielle’s a human and a sub. Is she a perfect match for them both?

Oscar’s cousin George Thorne contests their grandparents’ will, demanding the house and all the land for himself. While their attorney, Sierra Bond, handles the legal side of things, the men concentrate on establishing the hospital, renovating the house, caring for the patients, and wooing Ambrielle. She’s not convinced. She can’t imagine herself in a permanent relationship with two wolves who are also Doms. Besides, what if George does take the hospital away from Oscar? What will happen then?

Story Excerpt

Danny nodded, watching the rider take some things out of a saddlebag then remove his full-face helmet. Her helmet. A cloud of black hair tumbled down to her waist. She unzipped her leather jacket, rolled it into a tight ball, and put it in a saddlebag. Then she unzipped her leather pants and rolled them down long legs to her knees. She reached onto the seat of the bike, picked up a bunch of green fabric, and flipped it over her head. It became a long green skirt. Quickly she removed her boots and pants, put them in the saddlebag, and stepped into pumps. The skirt now hid her legs, which had been encased in cream leggings, so unfortunately he hadn’t seen an inch of her flesh. Now she brushed her hair, put on a cream blazer, picked up a purse and a folder, and began walking to the main entry of the hospital.

“I’ll go let her in, shall I? I assume that Shaun is a he, and that this is Ambrielle?” asked Danny, trying not to breathe heavily or lick his lips. She had a very nice body indeed. Just the kind he liked with those long legs and rich curves at hip, ass, and breast.

“Tell her to wait on one of the seats in the entry there. Shaun—and yes, he’s male—is scheduled for the first interview, but I’ve set up a little test for them both before they even come into the room,” Oscar said mysteriously.

Danny just shrugged and hurried back to the main entry, eager to get a closer look at Ms. Ambrielle Watson. Of course, close up she might be quite ugly. And even if she was pretty she could be married, or have a significant other—or others, he reminded himself, thinking of his and Oscar’s plan to perhaps share a woman.

Fuck, she was lovely. Shiny black hair poured down her back, huge, sparkling black—no, dark brown—eyes in a pretty face, and round tits that made his mouth water. His cock was trying to climb out of his pants, too, so he escaped to stand behind the reception desk, where he could spread his legs wide apart and give his aching dick some space. “May I help you?” he asked, playing innocent.

“My name’s Ambrielle Watson. I have an interview with Dr. Oscar Thorne at eleven.” Her voice was sweet and musical, but held the faintest undertone of nervousness as well. That was interesting. Her body language expressed confidence. Hoping his dick would behave, he gestured to the three chairs against the wall. “Please take a seat and I’ll tell him you’ve arrived.”

Danny kept his back to her as much as possible as he left the reception area and headed back down the hallway to the lounge room. As he left, his phone beeped. That meant it was ten forty-five and time for Shaun’s interview to begin. Maybe Shaun had come into the building through a side door or something. But the room held only Oscar.

“That was Ambrielle.”

“Yes. I just texted Fergus. I need to watch, though.”

“Huh?” Danny had no idea what Oscar was talking about, but followed him out another door, through a back hallway, and then they circled around through some other rooms until they were behind the reception area and had a good view of Ms. Watson sitting primly in a chair, her purse at her feet and her hands resting on the papers on her knee. She was looking at her hands, perhaps staring at her bright green fingernails that matched her motorcycle and her skirt.

Fergus was one of the nurses at the hospital. He was also a wolf with a red coat, which was very distinctive and meant he could never hide among a pack of dogs. Suddenly Danny understood. Oscar had been way ahead of him and was going to test his interviewees about their reaction to shape-shifters. Oscar could have used Campbell, the other werewolf nurse, who had brown fur and could quite easily be mistaken for a rather large dog. Instead, it was to be Fergus.

Just then the shape-shifter nosed open a door and stalked into the entry area. He was moving slowly and gracefully, not in a threatening manner at all, but quite definitely a presence. Ambrielle seemed to sense him and looked up. Then she smiled and held out a hand. “Well, aren’t you a beautiful boy. Have you come to say hi to me?”

Fergus gave a toothy grin and crossed the room to stand at her knee. Ambrielle bent over, petting his back, stroking his fur, and rubbing behind his ears and under his chin. She kept up a soft conversation with him, telling him how handsome he was.

Oscar nodded to Danny and they silently withdrew. Oscar gestured with his thumb to Danny and Danny nodded, then walked briskly into the entry area.

“Fergus, it’s time for you to go. Ms. Watson, can you follow me please.”

She jumped to her feet, snatching her papers and her purse, then walked beside him into the lounge room. Oscar was standing by a group of chairs, and said, “Thank you, Danny. Ms. Watson, how about you sit here.” He pointed to a chair where both he and Danny would be able to watch her face clearly.

“Thank you for giving us your time today. I see you like animals,” said Oscar.

The woman gave him back bland look for bland look. “My aunt is very fond of cats. All different types of cats. She spends a lot of her time surrounded by them.”

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