Friday, 27 December 2013

Mail-order brides for the werewolf pack!

The first book in the "Werewolf Brides" series is out now! Mail-order brides for a werewolf pack!

Surrendered to the Wolves

Esther Johnson answers an advertisement for mail-order brides to marry two men of their choice from twenty-four eligible bachelors. Then she learns they’re werewolves. But the werewolf community at Cooper’s Farm is very welcoming, and Xola and Kairu Cooper are extremely yummy. It’s not how she’d planned her life, but once she finds a job, she’ll consider their attractions.

However, getting a job isn’t all that easy. Oh, it’s way better than in her old neighborhood, but there are so many other considerations. She’s made friends with the other mail-order brides, and Xola and Kairu keep distracting her with outings and their wonderful bodies.

Then Xola sees some people watching the farm and he and Okapi learn that there’s something not quite right going on in the local BDSM club. Is Esther safe? Are any of the human women safe? And how will Xola and Kairu protect her when she’s determined to go work in Coopersville town.


Clipboard man came down the aisle collecting the contracts and she handed hers in silently. Once he had them all he returned to the front of the plane and called out, “Okay. Prepare for departure.” He locked the airplane door, strapped himself into an empty seat, and the plane taxied over to a runway. A couple of other airplanes took off first and they looked huge beside the little one she was in. But their plane didn’t need much runway to lift off and was soon banking over the city, then heading due east.

Clipboard man stood up and moved to the front again. “Coopersville is a medium-sized town of about a quarter million inhabitants. Our community is on the outskirts of the city and most of our people work in town. Whatever career you want or kind of job you’d like, you should be able to find there. If you want to study, there’s a community college in town and we will pay all your study expenses as long as you pass your tests. Unemployment is very low and the town council is not corrupt or inefficient. Our own people have lived in this area for half a dozen generations now and we are active in local affairs.”

Esther really hoped that didn’t mean the town was as corrupt as hell, but that their community was running the crime. But really, if they were the bad guys why would they advertise for women. Surely they’d just buy them or kidnap them instead of getting them so openly?

“All the people born in our community share the surname Cooper. We were the original inhabitants of Coopersville and have kept the name to illustrate our connection. My name is Xola. It starts with an X, not a Z though.” The man grinned at them and suddenly looked years younger than he had before. Esther decided likely he wasn’t really all that much older than her after all. Maybe thirty, but no more than that.

“The reason we advertised for women is that for several generations now far more boys than girls have been born into our community. At first our leader was concerned that it was because of inbreeding, although many of our members had found partners outside the town. More recently we’ve learned that it’s a worldwide problem. People like us seem to give birth to two boys for every girl. Hence our need for brides for our men, and the need for men to share a woman.”

He waited quite a while this time, as if expecting questions. Esther looked around the airplane as best she could, but none of the other women had raised her hand, or seemed particularly upset or concerned at the news. After all, if they were flying women into the town, there had to be a reason for spending so much time and effort to do that.

“Over the past year our unmarried men have formed themselves into pairs. Two men who are used to working with each other and are prepared to share a woman. Men who have stood the test of time as good friends or companions. When you choose your husbands, you will be choosing a pair. The two men you’ll marry. Do you understand? Are there any questions?”

“How many pairs are there to choose from? Like, I mean, is there just enough for us each to have a pair?”

The question came from right up the back and Esther didn’t see which woman had asked it.

“We advertised for twelve women. Only nine passed our tests and agreed to come. So even the woman who decides last will have a choice,” replied Xola.

He waited for a while, Esther guessed it was for any other questions, but no one said anything. Finally he said, “There is one other thing you all need to know.” He clicked his fingers together and the curtain behind him into the cockpit parted. Esther got a glimpse of the back of the pilot’s head, and then a big black dog stood beside Xola.

Xola clicked his fingers again and the dog paced through the cabin, stopping beside each seat. Some of the women stared at him, others petted his head. Esther was trying to work out what was happening. Obviously this was some kind of test, but what for? When the dog stopped by her she stroked his head and ears. His fur was silky soft so he was evidently well cared for. But he was very big with a long tail and she had no idea what breed he was, never having owned a companion animal or even had a close friend with a dog.

Eventually the dog had visited each of the women and stalked back to Xola. He did look quite fierce, but he had behaved with perfect manners. Was he perhaps a guard dog or something?

Xola clicked his fingers a third time and the huge dog shimmered, and turned into the man who’d helped with the luggage. Xola held his clipboard over the man’s genitals, hiding them, but Esther didn’t think anyone would be checking out his cock. Most of the women were gasping and chattering. One had shrieked, although whether that was in fear or surprise, Esther wasn’t sure. She really couldn’t think right now. Fucking hell. What have I agreed to?

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