Saturday, 14 December 2013

Two Wolves and a Librarian

The final book in the Werewolf Castle series is out!!

Magnus Adler and Kiril Engel have spent two years searching Germany for their mate. Is Flynn Jensen, a librarian with untidy brown hair and pale blue eyes hidden behind glasses, The One? And how can they find out without letting her know that they’re werewolves, and where they really live?

The Alpha has sent them to Stuttgart to prepare a house for him to attend the inauguration ceremony for the new Supreme Alpha of Europe. How can they obey their Alpha and still spend enough time with Flynn to see if she is their mate? They’re desperate to get to know her, but so much is happening all around them it’s hard to find the time. And there is danger, too. The Alpha values his privacy very highly and other packs want to know more about him. Will their time here run out before they know for sure?

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