Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dungeon Masters book 1. "Take Me".

Tammy Wiltshire meets Leif Sneddon and Simon Jeffries at her cousin’s wedding. When she finds out they work at a BDSM club she eagerly agrees to visit it with them even though she’s sure this will only ever be a weekend fling. She is so ordinary and they are so delicious. Then she learns that Leif’s a Dom. What she doesn’t know is that Simon’s a werewolf shape-shifter.

The men are entranced with Tamara. She’s everything they’ve been looking for in a ménage partner and as a sub for Leif. When he introduces her to shibari she really enjoys the experience.

But then some idiots set off the fire alarm, the wedding is an enormous party taking over most of the hotel, and how are they going to mention to her Simon’s a werewolf? This is getting very complicated very fast. But the sex is good and they want her too much to give up just yet.


Tamara Wiltshire stood with her back to the wall, half-hidden behind a fake-Corinthian pillar, and gently stroked her hand up and down what was almost certainly an imitation Aladdin’s lamp. I wish I was ten years old again and believed in magic. If I was, I’d ask your genie to get me the hell away from this pre-wedding party right now.

Her mother’s cousin’s only child, Sophia, was marrying the love of her life tomorrow, and it seemed the family had invited every person they’d ever met in their entire lives to the festivities. Tammy wasn’t even sure what kind of a cousin she was to Sophia. Fourth cousins maybe? Second cousins twice removed? But she sure as hell knew she’d be dead from either boredom or embarrassment long before Sophia and Peter tied the knot officially at three tomorrow.

Genie, please get me out of here before I do something really stupid, like tell all my aunts to stop asking me when I’m going to get married. I’m not wearing any rings. There’s no man hanging on my arm. It’s obviously not going to happen soon. Or ever. I’d much rather wear a man’s collar. Oh yes. A Dom of my own. That would be nice. Someone like Tall, Dark, and Devastating over there. Or him. Mr. Can’t Stand Still with the rich chocolate eyes.

Tammy quickly looked down, snatching her hand away from the fake lamp. The two delicious pieces of eye candy who she’d been admiring were crossing the ballroom in her general direction. Not that they’d be coming anywhere near her. She was wearing a simple black dress, having saved her “best” outfit for the wedding tomorrow. It seemed most of the other women here had spent more on their clothes for tonight than she earned in a quarter. She hated to think how dowdy she was going to look tomorrow compared to them all, when they brought out their wedding finery.

She’d bought the long-sleeved burgundy dress for her company’s annual ball last year, and she’d thought it would be appropriate for tomorrow. But having seen the way everyone dressed tonight she knew she was going to look like the country cousin. Well, it was too bad. Clearly, she didn’t make the kind of money many of these people evidently did.

Keeping her gaze on the floor, Tammy tried to calculate how soon she could leave the ballroom and return to her hotel room. It was in this hotel, of course. Sophia’s family had likely booked the entire place out for the weekend. The good news was that her room was on the fifth floor and the ballroom was on the second, so she could take the stairs and avoid being crammed into an elevator and interrogated all the time.

Tammy flicked a glance to the ballroom doors and sighed. Her mother’s cousin and his wife were circulating through the room speaking to everyone. The good news was that it was Adam coming in her direction, not Stephanie. The bad news was that her parents were also heading toward her.

Ah fuck.

Tammy inched back another step toward the wall behind her, but then her heel was against the baseboard. She couldn’t retreat any farther unfortunately. Sighing internally she pasted a smile on her face ready to greet her mother’s cousin. What the fuck do I call him? Adam? Cousin Adam? What’s the etiquette here?

Fortunately she didn’t have to say anything.

“Rae’s little girl. I’m so glad you could join us on this auspicious occasion,” he gushed, kissing her on both cheeks, and moving immediately to shake the hand of the man standing next to her. A man she hadn’t even notice arriving. It was Mr. Tall, Dark, and Devastating himself.

“Ah, Leif, nice to see you again. You too, Simon.”

Well damn. No wonder they were standing together. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Devastating is obviously partnered to Mr. Can’t Stand Still for Two Minutes. Just my fucking luck the best-looking men in the room are gay. Not that they would even notice me in this crowd anyway.

But as soon as Sophia’s father had moved on to the next person, Leif touched her arm. “Can I take you to the bar? I’m sure you must be thirsty talking to all these people.”

Tammy didn’t think saying she hadn’t actually had a conversation with anyone would be helpful. Besides, so what if they were gay. They were both incredibly good looking and a drink sounded marvelous to her right now. Especially as her parents were still heading in her direction.

“Thank you. I’d like that.” She smiled at both of them, admiring the way Simon’s rich chocolate eyes sparkled and Leif’s eyebrows quirked up as he asked the question.

In a matter of seconds the men had tucked her between them and were gently steering her through the crowd to the bar at the back of the ballroom.

Maybe there was a genie in that lamp after all.

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