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Make Me: The Dungeon Masters book 2

Trinidad Meredith is fascinated by the thought of working in a BDSM club. When she’s offered a job there she agrees instantly. Konstantin Williams and Othniel Thomas really do need an admin assistant. But even more than that they want a mate. Trinidad will suit them perfectly. Simon and Leif, co-owners of The Dom’s Dungeon BDSM Club, found their mate, Tamara, in a weekend at a wedding. Niel and Kon are convinced that the Fates have given them Trinidad.

Trinidad loves the idea of working at the club. She likes Niel and Kon, and she’s willing to try out some BDSM herself. But everything has happened incredibly fast and she worries that the men will think she’s either a tart or a nymphomaniac. It’s just that being with them is amazingly good. She needs to slow down the pace of their relationship.

And Niel hasn’t told her that he’s a werewolf.

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Trinidad Meredith stared at her work colleague, Tamara. “You met two hunky men at the wedding? Two? And they’ve offered you a job at their club? And this is it? You’re leaving?” Trinidad thought that was what Tammy had said but none of it sounded like the way her usually sensible, careful friend lived.

“Yes, yes, and yes.” Tammy green eyes sparkled and her face was alight with happiness.

“I’m so happy for you, Tammy. If you’re really sure they’re genuine and won’t take advantage of you, it’s the most amazing thing ever. It just seems hard to believe it all happened so fast.”

“I know. It’s taken my breath away, too. But I have a written promise that if this job doesn’t work out I’ll be offered another one elsewhere in the company. Simon has seriously good networking connections.”

“So are you leaving today or do you have to work out your two weeks’ notice?” Trinidad hoped she didn’t sound envious, although she was envious. She’d love to leave this dead-end job and work in a club, even without two hunky men. But she was also happy for her friend. Tammy was a wonderful, caring person and Trinidad was thrilled that she’d found happiness, even if meant they’d hardly ever see each other anymore.

“I have accrued vacation time so I’m going to finish here today and start work at the club tomorrow. I’ll lose a couple of days’ pay but that’s all. I can’t wait to start my new job. Everything at the club is so exciting.”

Trinidad jumped out of her desk chair and hugged Tammy. “I’m so happy for you. That’s wonderful news. I hope you really love your new job and being with the hunky men as well. Oh my, what a double whammy!”

Tammy blushed a little, but she was the kind of person who blushed all the time anyway. Trinidad wondered if she was sleeping with both men. Or maybe going to sleep with them. Wow! That was another major bonus.

“If your networking friend Simon hears of another admin position somewhere, remember me,” she said.

“Would you like to work in a club?”

“Not waiting tables. I haven’t got the right figure to earn enough tips. But in admin, sure.”

Tammy looked at her seriously. “Would you like me to ask him? Really?”

“For an admin job? Yes, please. I would.”

“All right, I will.”

“Don’t forget I can do basic bookkeeping. I’ve done accounts payable and receivable before.” Trinidad felt a bit stupid bragging about her work skills to a friend, but hey, maybe this Simon would find her a better job as well. Tammy had gotten really lucky. Maybe some of it would rub off on her.

* * * *

When Tammy left her cubicle, Trinidad turned back to her desk and the piles of papers spread out on it. She picked up her pen but she wasn’t reading the papers or even thinking about her job. Trinidad liked being inside in a nice cozy office. Her skin was so fair that in summer she sunburned easily. In spring the pollen made her sneeze all the time, and her eyes watered from the blossoms and tall grass. In winter her fingers and toes ached with cold and she hated having to carry dry footwear to change into after walking even the shortest distance. She would much rather starve to death at her desk than venture out of the office to buy lunch or a cup of decent coffee.

When she went to the store in winter she was wearing so many layers of clothes she could hardly move, and she tended to buy enough food to last her for a month. And she still always had cold feet, and numb, icy fingers. No, an indoor job was the only one that she would ever consider. One where she stayed away from the great outdoors all day.

Working in a club would be amazing. She might even be allowed to stay back in the evenings and watch celebrities rehearse their acts. That would be special. Sighing she looked down at the papers waiting for her to deal with them. The company here wasn’t so bad. The management wasn’t wonderful. They seemed to be a bit behind the times really, not fully aware of the need to have a top-notch website and a presence on the most popular social media sites.

They were also quite rigid about hating staff taking vacation time. She had friends who worked for companies that actually mandated staff using their vacation in the year in which it accrued. Not here. Workers here with elementary school children were usually permitted to take leave in school vacations, but people like her were so far down the pecking order she still hadn’t used last year’s vacation time although she’d asked for it twice already.

Well hey, that might be good if this Simon who Tamara had talked about could find her a job as well. Likely he wouldn’t though. Probably Tammy had just gotten lucky and that was really great for her. But as for Trinidad herself, she’d better stop wasting time and get something done.

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