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New Series Starts TODAY! Controlled by Three Panthers

New Series Starts TODAY! Controlled by Three Panthers (MFMM)
By Cara Adams (Caves of Correction bk 1)

Madeline (Maddy) Sinclair and three of her friends go to a BDSM resort island for a week to learn about the lifestyle. She wasn’t expecting to meet three sexy brothers, Logan, Carter, and Aiden Farmer. But they have a secret—they’re panther shape-shifters. That doesn’t stop them from deciding to pleasure her until she can’t say good-bye to them. The sexy redhead is everything they’ve been looking for in a potential mate for the three of them to share.
Maddy’s ready to learn all about BDSM. She’s completely fascinated by the contrasts, the lessons, and the pleasure that comes from a red-hot ass. She’s also very impressed with the beautiful island, the lush plants, the pristine beaches, and the sparkling warm sea. But most of all she likes the three big, blond, blue-eyed men who she must call Master in the Cave of Correction.

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Aiden unlocked the door to Madeline’s cottage as silently as he could. The lock was well oiled and he made sure not to jingle the key at all. He handed the key to Carter, who was standing behind him, and took the Polystyrene cup of coffee from Logan, slipping inside. In the big bed, Madeline didn’t stir. Maddy. She wrote on her contract that her friends called her Maddy. That’s the name he should use for her as well because he intended to become her very close friend. His cock deep inside her close.
Logan and Carter silently headed down the stairs to the cave, while he walked across the room to the bed and placed the coffee on the nightstand. He couldn’t touch her until Logan got back with the signed contract. Oh fuck. If she hadn’t signed it, he’d die. One look at the thick red hair tangled on her pillowcase made him desperate to touch her. She had to have signed it. She couldn’t possibly have changed her mind. He kept his gaze fixed on the doorway down to the dungeon, swallowing hard and willing Logan to give him the signal to go-ahead.
When Logan appeared with a smile and a thumbs-up, Aiden nearly screamed in relief. He couldn’t prevent his smile and nod, but he managed not to pump his fist in the air, or yell “Yee haw!” to the world and wake their woman. Their mate. He was willing to do whatever it took, to be to her whatever she needed, to convince her to be theirs.
As soon as Logan had disappeared down the stairs again, Aiden rubbed his hand over the body-shaped bump tucked under the navy-blue blanket, and said softly, “Time to wake up, Maddy. Drink your coffee.”
She made some mumbled noise but didn’t move. He grinned. He wasn’t usually a morning person either, but for today, he had to be, so he was here. He gripped her shoulder and shook it lightly. “Wake up, Maddy. Time to drink your coffee.”
This time she lifted her head and stared at him. He held the coffee out to her and she sat up, taking it and muttering, “Thank you.”After one sip she asked, “Who are you?”
“I’m Aiden. When we get into the cave you can only call me, Master, though.”
She drank another mouthful of coffee and nodded. “I know. And not ask questions or initiate conversation. I’ve never been a sub but I’ve visited a BDSM club and read um…books.”
“Kinky books? Erotic romances where a Dom flogs your ass and then fucks you with the handle of his flogger?”
Maddy’s face turned the color of her hair but she straightened her shoulders and said firmly, “Yes.”
“Do you want that?”
“Hell yes. That’s why I’m here.”
“What about being fucked with a cock instead of a dildo?” He knew what she’d written in her contract, but it was much better for him to check her needs now, than halfway through a scene downstairs.
If anything, her face got redder, but once again she replied, “Yes, but only if the man is using a condom.”
“What about two men?”
She nodded.
“Three men?” This time he held his breath while he waited for her answer. If she was to be their mate she had to be willing to accept all of them inside her body at once or they would never be truly united.
She swallowed her coffee too fast and coughed, but gasped, “Yes.”
He tugged her out of her bed and said, “Let’s get started then.”
“Now? I haven’t brushed my teeth or—”
“I am your Master and I order you to go down into the Cave of Correction now.”
Blushing furiously once again, Maddy slid to her feet, put the half-drunk coffee on her nightstand and almost ran to the stairs.
Aiden watched her neat little ass, in short, lacy white pajamas, as she headed down the stairs and finally punched the air, a huge grin cracking his face, before he followed her, letting his boots stomp on the staircase on his way down.
Damn, she was lovely. Now they had to convince her she was theirs.

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