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Captured by Three Panthers

Captured by Three Panthers (MFMM)
By Cara Adams. Caves of Correction book 2

Aria Taverner’s at a BDSM resort island with her three best friends. She’s asked for several fantasies, including being abducted and seduced. But who will her abductors be? Will they include the delicious man who showed her to her cottage?
Cayden, Sebastian, and Leonardo Marshall are eager to teach Aria how thrilling seduction can be. The three panther shape-shifters are beyond excited to have such a delightful woman in their clutches. They have no intention of letting her go until they’ve given her every fantasy on her list and shown her the delights of ménage sex over and over again until she’s convinced only they will ever fulfill her.
It’s just as well there are three of them. Aria’s more than a handful for them to manage, but the three determined Doms will plan more BDSM fantasies for her to show her everything she ever wanted to know. But will that be enough to convince her to stay with them?


Aria Taverner was thirty years old and this was her very first ride in a helicopter. She was bursting with excitement but trying to act cool and adult at the same time. Although it was damn hard to be cool and adult about being flown in a private helicopter to an island resort for a whole week of BDSM and sex along with the sun, sand, and surf.

The Caves of Correction resort was the place she was going to right now with her three best friends, Maddy, Piper, and Kenz. They’d all gone to see the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie together and then had this brilliant cool idea of trying BDSM for themselves in a safe environment.

The contract was pages and pages of really basic questions.

“What kinds of punishment do you wish to explore? Check all that apply. Flogging, whipping, caning, paddling…” Aria had ticked the boxes for every one of them. And all the boxes for sex as well. Vaginal, oral, anal, more than one man. Hell yes she was ready to taste the entire smorgasbord of offerings. If she didn’t like something well at least she’d know for the future. She’d even checked a couple of the boxes for fantasies. She could picture herself dressed in seven veils and dancing for a “prince” or “sheik” before being dragged into his tent and pleasured most thoroughly.

And then there was her big secret. One she hadn’t even hinted at to any of her friends. A forced seduction fantasy. One where the prince or sheik or pirate abducts her, ties her up, and pleasures her until she’s screaming and begging him to fuck her.

Aria’s nipples tightened just at the memory of writing that on her contract form. It was there alongside her safe word. She’d chosen “popsicle” just like Anastasia in the movie. Aria’s pussy dampened at the thought of some big man tying her up and carrying her over his shoulder into his tent. She shook her head and looked out of the huge windows of the helicopter. Were they even called windows on a helicopter? The Carolina mainland was well behind them now and an island, likely the one they were going to, was coming up in front of them.

She could see a lot of green, probably trees. Yes. As they neared the island she could see it was covered with trees, until they circled over a grassy area and the helicopter landed gently. Her ride was over but damn, it’d been exciting. A totally breath-taking way to start their vacation.

They’d only been permitted one small carry-on for their luggage, but that was because there wasn’t much room in the helicopter once the four of them plus the pilot got in. She didn’t mind. T-shirts and shorts and a bikini didn’t take up much space anyway.

Aria disembarked with her friends and stood braiding the ends of her hair until she realized she was doing it, and then she thrust her hands in her jeans pockets. It was a nervous mannerism she’d had all her life and she really ought to stop touching her hair.

The pilot handed their paperwork one by one to a group of men waiting for them. They all wore the navy-blue Caves of Correction T-shirt with the writing in white embroidery over their pocket. The man who called her name was every bit as delicious-looking as the pilot. They bred big handsome men here. Or maybe they only hired yummy-looking ones.

“I’m Cayden Marshall. Please follow me,” he said.

She took hold of the handle of her carry-on and followed the man. He was well over six foot to her five five, and had curly brown hair and brown eyes. Her own eyes were brown but his were much richer and darker, just like chocolate. Oh yes he was nice. I hope that means he’s going to be my Dom. I bet he knows how to paddle an ass to perfection.

Aria looked all around as they walked but the path they were on was a tiny narrow trail. So narrow in fact his broad shoulders scarcely fit between the shrubbery on either side of the path. They turned onto a second trail, and then a third, until they arrived at a wooden cottage with a sturdy door. Cayden unlocked it and waved her in, turning on the lights as he did, but not coming past the threshold himself.

He handed her the copy of her contract which the pilot had given him. “You have until midnight to change your mind about any or all items on the contract. Until then you can choose to leave immediately, or decide not to do some of the activities you’ve checked. But after midnight the contract is set. The only way to change your mind after midnight is to say your safe word. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.”

“What is your safe word?”


“Read your contract carefully, make any changes, and leave it on the table here.”

He closed the door and was gone.

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