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Trained by Three Panthers

Trained by Three Panthers (MFMM) by Cara Adams Caves of Correction book 3

Mackenzie Weymouth (Kenz) came here to the island with her friends Maddy, Aria, and Piper, to experience BDSM and hot ménage sex. So far Kenz’s three delicious male tour guides, Colter, Declan, and Asher Lang, have only shown her the island’s scenery. It’s very pretty indeed, but not at all what she planned to do during her week-long vacation.

The three brothers, all panther shape-shifters, are eager to get to know Kenz a whole lot better. Preferably naked and chained up in their dungeon. But they’re tour guides and showing her the beaches and coves, the hills and vistas, are their job. Just when they’re finally about to introduce her to the delights of the dungeon and the BDSM games they’ve so carefully planned for her, they learn Hurricane Nathan is heading toward the island. Surely fate couldn’t possibly be this cruel to them.

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Story Excerpt

Mackenzie Weymouth had spent her entire life avoiding sports in any form. Her idea of physical activity was sitting on the couch and picking up the remote to change the channel on the TV when football or baseball came on. Even when it came to walking, Kenz considered the distance between where she parked her car in the employee parking lot and her desk a perfectly adequate amount of walking for the day. Although, if she was honest, she didn’t mind walking somewhere pretty on a nice sunny day with friends. It was just that the planets almost never aligned, so all the elements weren’t in place, and she’d rather stay at home.

And now these men were expecting her to get into a teeny-tiny boat and paddle it?

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign up to go in one of those things,” she said firmly, pushing her glasses up her nose.

“Well, ma’am, that’s true. But it’s either get in the kayak and see the island from the water or else walk around it,” the truly delicious-looking guide in his navy blue Caves of Correction T-shirt said.

“Walk? Up all those hills along those narrow dirt paths?” Kenz was annoyed at the screeching sound in her voice. But seriously, walk? Wasn’t that a rude four-letter word?

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kenz stared at Mr. Yummy. The edges of his lips were tilting up in a smile. He was fucking teasing her.

One of the other men wearing the same uniform T-shirt and making no attempt whatsoever to hide the fact that he was laughing at her said, “When I was a teenager I broke my arm and my foot so I couldn’t use crutches to get around. Mom wheeled me to school each day in a wheelbarrow. If you like I could go get it. We could even put some pillows in it so your ass won’t get banged against the steel as we take you over the rocks.”

Kenz was very tempted to tell him to do that, but she had a feeling he really would and she’d end up having to walk instead of being bounced out of a wheelbarrow. At least in a boat she wouldn’t be likely to end up walking too much.

“No, that’s okay. I’ll get in the fucking boat.”

“Kayak,” the third man said, correcting her.

All three men were totally delicious. All had black hair and really dark eyes, along with muscles bulging out of their uniform shirts and tanned skin.

Two of them were wearing board shorts, and their legs were as tanned as their arms. The third one, the leader, rolled his pants legs up before stepping into the water and holding the boat—kayak—still for her. The middle one, the one who’d mentioned the wheelbarrow, held her arm and led her to the kayak.

“Step into the center of it. I’ll hold you steady while you sit down.”

The boat wobbled and bounced on the water, but his hand under her elbow did support her as she climbed in, sat on the narrow seat, and tucked her legs into the space in front of her. She pushed her glasses up her nose again, and pulled her hat down tighter over her hair.

The bossy one climbed onto the seat behind her while the nice one handed her a paddle. He said, “You dip the oar—”

“In your dreams, buddy. You might have convinced me to get in the boat, but no way am I paddling it.”

“Well, don’t drop it and lose it,” the man sitting behind her said.

That was a point. She supposed they’d add the cost of a new one to her account for the week if she did. Carefully she tucked it along the length of her body, one end safely inside the kayak at her feet, the other end resting under her arm.

Kenz folded her arms over the oar, paddle, or whatever the hell it was, and looked all around her. This was her first full day at the BDSM Caves of Correction resort, and she was more than ready to see the sights, especially any ones that included men as handsome as these three. She was actually quite surprised that there were three of them. She’d assumed a single guide would show her around, not an entire team. Then she frowned. They sort of looked alike with the same coloring and build. But there was a similarity in the shape of their faces as well. Right now she didn’t want to turn around and stare at the bossy one seated behind her, but she was sure he had the same patrician nose and slightly square jaw as the other two in the kayak beside hers. Hmm.

“What are your names? Are you brothers or cousins?” she asked.

“Didn’t Colter introduce himself to you last night? How rude. I’m Declan Lang. Sitting behind you is my brother Colter, and my younger brother Asher is behind me,” said the one who’d laughed at her and suggested the wheelbarrow.

“How did you break your leg and arm, Declan?”

“Foot. I was a teenager growing fast and had temporarily lost my usual superb motor skills. I jumped from rock to rock and missed.”

Mackenzie couldn’t help herself. She laughed at him. “I’m sorry you hurt yourself, but I have to suggest your skills were less than superb, at least right then.” She was still giggling and grinning at him.

“But these days they are once again extremely good.”

He waggled his eyebrows at her, his smile every bit as broad as hers. Heat pooled in her belly. Hot damn. Were these the men who would be with her for the entire week? Were they going to teach her all about punishment, submission, and sex? “Are you three going to be my guides for this week or are you only on duty today?”

The man behind her, the bossy one who called her ma’am all the time, stopped paddling and leaned forward.

“You belong to us this week, Mackenzie Weymouth. You signed a contract saying we could do all sorts of things to you for a whole week. We plan to teach you amazing facts about bondage and submission.”

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