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Caves of Correction: Mastered by Three Panthers

Mastered by Three Panthers (MFMM) by Cara Adams Caves of Correction book 4

Piper Boyle went to the Caves of Correction resort with her three friends, Maddy, Aria, and Kenz, for a sexy BDSM vacation. But so far, although she’s met three delicious men, one with black hair, one a redhead, and the third one blond, not one of them has touched her. Dammit!
Ryder, Zac, and Eliot Wade have never hosted a guest before and are determined to take it very slowly. But their cute blonde guest doesn’t seem to understand their methods. She’s always polite, but it’s clear she wants to try out the dungeon. Surely rushing her would be wrong? Their plans have been prepared so that everything will be perfect for her, after a slow, steady buildup, but Piper is clearly getting impatient and the week should be all about her needs.
And none of them had ever considered Hurricane Nathan might arrive in the area.

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Piper climbed off the bed, smoothing the blanket as she did so, and wandered into the bathroom. It was much larger than a normal hotel bathroom. For a start, there was a full-sized tub as well as a standalone shower. For two days she’d been picturing herself pressed up against the glass wall of the shower with one of her three hosts fucking her from behind. Or even better, herself sandwiched between two of them, a cock in her cunt and another one in her ass. She’d never had two men at once, but there was nothing wrong with her imagination. She was sure double fucking would work just fine in that nice, big shower, with steam coating the men’s chests and hot water pummeling their bodies as they pummeled into her.
Piper sighed. Right now the only pummeling going on was the rain on the roof. It must be some nasty storm out there. It sounded really loud.
She opened the door to the stairs, flipped on the light as she’d done so many times before, and walked down the stairs and into her cave. That part of the advertising had delivered on its promises. There was an honest-to-God genuine cave underneath her cottage, with real rock walls. It was furnished with a St. Andrews Cross, a spanking bench, and a rack on the wall holding three different-sized paddles; two canes, one thin and the other thick; two whips, one with a forked end; and several floggers, one with a dildo for a handle.
She could imagine the men using those toys on her, flogging her and then fucking her with the dildo. Or maybe one fucking her cunt with the dildo while another one paddled her ass. She longed to know what being whipped and caned would feel like. Hell, would she even like it? Piper was sure she was a sub. She knew because she ached for a Dom to take control of her life and guide her into serenity.
Her job was a shitfest of deadlines impossible to meet, a manager who was a complete and utter narcissist, as well as a bully, and a collection of colleagues who came and left with dizzying speed. Her latest assistant hadn’t even lasted until lunchtime, and the one before that had only stayed three days. Piper wished she was free to quit herself at least ten times on an average day. She’d even taken to keeping a list on her cell phone of the number of times each day her manager told her to lie or cheat in case he tried to make her take the blame for it. She never lied or cheated, but she had to walk a really fine line between fact and what the manager wanted, and it drained her energy completely. She handed in her work correctly and truthfully. She left it to him to massage the data, twist the facts, lie, and cheat to enhance his sales results.
She’d really, really hoped this vacation would leave her refreshed and restored so she could go home and find herself a Dom. If her sex life was good, then her shitty work life wouldn’t be so soul-destroying. Right now she wasn’t sure she’d ever find out. Next week she’d be home again, back at work again, and likely nothing would have changed.
Maybe instead of cleaning her already clean apartment every Sunday she should look at moving to another state, a warmer, sunnier one, where even if her job was horrible she could go hiking or to the beach on the weekends.
California? But she’d heard there was a lot of unemployment there.
Florida? But she was frightened of alligators.
Hawaii? But that would be a hell of a long journey.
Her grandmother spoke in her mind. You just stay right where you are, dear. Everything will work out fine. You mark my words.
Piper dropped the flogger she was holding. “Shit, Grandma. Can’t you knock or something before talking to me? I wasn’t expecting you. Are you sure everything will be okay?”
Piper closed her eyes and concentrated on picturing her beloved grandma sitting on her favorite cane chair on the stoop of her old house. But she didn’t speak to Piper again.
Still, Piper did feel more relaxed. Sometimes she had a full conversation with the old lady. Sometimes, like now, Grandma just entered her thoughts, left a message, and disappeared. But her visits always made Piper feel better. She picked up the flogger and hung it back on the rack before heading upstairs again.
Piper hadn’t even reached the top when her cottage door opened and all three of her hosts came inside. Each was dripping wet despite wearing a poncho and a raincoat, and each was loaded down with backpacks and parcels. What now? Would she finally experience sex and BDSM or was something quite different about to happen?

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