Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Caves of Correction

Controlled by Three Panthers (MFMM)
Madeline (Maddy) Sinclair and three of her friends go to a BDSM resort island for a week to learn about the lifestyle. She wasn’t expecting to meet three sexy brothers, Logan, Carter, and Aiden Farmer. But they have a secret—they’re panther shape-shifters. That doesn’t stop them from deciding to pleasure her until she can’t say good-bye to them. The sexy redhead is everything they’ve been looking for in a potential mate for the three of them to share.
Maddy’s ready to learn all about BDSM. She’s completely fascinated by the contrasts, the lessons, and the pleasure that comes from a red-hot ass. She’s also very impressed with the beautiful island, the lush plants, the pristine beaches, and the sparkling warm sea. But most of all she likes the three big, blond, blue-eyed men who she must call Master in the Cave of Correction.

Captured by Three Panthers (MFMM)
Aria Taverner’s at a BDSM resort island with her three best friends. She’s asked for several fantasies, including being abducted and seduced. But who will her abductors be? Will they include the delicious man who showed her to her cottage?
Cayden, Sebastian, and Leonardo Marshall are eager to teach Aria how thrilling seduction can be. The three panther shape-shifters are beyond excited to have such a delightful woman in their clutches. They have no intention of letting her go until they’ve given her every fantasy on her list and shown her the delights of ménage sex over and over again until she’s convinced only they will ever fulfill her.
It’s just as well there are three of them. Aria’s more than a handful for them to manage, but the three determined Doms will plan more BDSM fantasies for her to show her everything she ever wanted to know. But will that be enough to convince her to stay with them?

Trained by Three Panthers (MFMM)
Mackenzie Weymouth (Kenz) came here to the island with her friends Maddy, Aria, and Piper, to experience BDSM and hot ménage sex. So far Kenz’s three delicious male tour guides, Colter, Declan, and Asher Lang, have only shown her the island’s scenery. It’s very pretty indeed, but not at all what she planned to do during her week-long vacation.
The three brothers, all panther shape-shifters, are eager to get to know Kenz a whole lot better. Preferably naked and chained up in their dungeon. But they’re tour guides and showing her the beaches and coves, the hills and vistas, are their job. Just when they’re finally about to introduce her to the delights of the dungeon and the BDSM games they’ve so carefully planned for her, they learn Hurricane Nathan is heading toward the island. Surely fate couldn’t possibly be this cruel to them.

Mastered by Three Panthers (MFMM)
Piper Boyle went to the Caves of Correction resort with her three friends, Maddy, Aria, and Kenz, for a sexy BDSM vacation. But so far, although she’s met three delicious men, one with black hair, one a redhead, and the third one blond, not one of them has touched her. Dammit!
Ryder, Zac, and Eliot Wade have never hosted a guest before and are determined to take it very slowly. But their cute blonde guest doesn’t seem to understand their methods. She’s always polite, but it’s clear she wants to try out the dungeon. Surely rushing her would be wrong? Their plans have been prepared so that everything will be perfect for her, after a slow, steady buildup, but Piper is clearly getting impatient and the week should be all about her needs.
And none of them had ever considered Hurricane Nathan might arrive in the area.

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