Friday, 23 August 2013

"A Mate to Treasure" is out today.

"A Mate to Treasure" (MFM)"Wolf Pack Mates" book 5

Werewolf shape-shifter brothers Edward and Robert Clarke just want a mate to treasure. Bethany Rees is three quarters panther and one quarter human, and she was rejected because of her mixed heritage. She came to the Interspecies Mating Party hoping that here she would be accepted for herself, but can she find the courage to risk heartbreak again?

The men know they aren’t rich or powerful, but they are prepared to love and cherish her forever. But Bethany is wary of committing to anyone yet, and besides, maybe their pack would reject her anyway. Cautiously she gets to know the men and spends time with them in bed and in a BDSM scene, not knowing that other dangers surround her, too. She still can’t take that step of placing her life in their hands. Will they be able to win her love and her trust before the week-long party is over or something tragic happens?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.


Bethany stood up and Robert crawled the few feet necessary to very gently lift one of her feet and unbuckle her sandal. He’d never taken a woman’s shoes off before, but it was easy enough to work out how to do it. His position also meant he got a close-up view of her blue toenails. Likely she’d had them done at the beautician’s this afternoon, because they were the same color as her fingernails. A bright blue that was just right for the color of her dress.

He kept her foot in his hand, after he’d removed her sparkly silver sandal, and gently massaged her feet. After dancing all night, they might be tired and sore, so he hoped she’d enjoy him soothing and rubbing them. He kissed each blue nail before laying that foot down on the floor, and unbuckling the other sandal. While he massaged her other foot he looked up to see how Edward was going. His brother had unzipped her dress and was sliding it off her shoulders.

They’d talked through together how they’d worship her body, how they’d demonstrate their love and devotion to her in physical ways, but without a person to practice on their timing was all guesswork. Yet it was important that they acted in concert to double the effect of their hands on her body. So Robert couldn’t let himself relax and soak up her sweet floral smell, and revel in the touch of her silky soft skin as much as he wanted to. He had to remain focused on his task. That tonight was his only opportunity to show her he’d love and cherish her forever, if only she’d trust him and agree to mate with them both.

Her dress fell to the floor and Robert helped her step out of it, then carefully picked it up and laid it over the back of a chair, smoothing the fabric so it didn’t wrinkle. He kneeled down again, slightly behind her this time, and kissed his way up her leg, licking and sucking the soft, sensitive flesh behind her knee. Her skin smelled so good, even this late in the evening. Every inch of her gave off a feminine, flower scent, and he wondered if it was her body wash, or if it was something the beautician had massaged into her skin. Either way, it was an incredible aphrodisiac. It made him want to lick and suck on every inch of her flesh, even if it took him all night.

Bethany had widened her legs as she stood in bare feet on the floor now and this emboldened Robert to lick higher up the insides of her thighs. With his tongue he painted circles, squares, and spirals on her skin, sucking soft morsels into his mouth as he went, puffing air on wet patches, but gradually moving higher and higher. When she opened her legs farther he knew she wanted more and boldly licked a line where her body and leg joined. He lifted up the edge of her pretty blue panties, holding it high so he could lick the side of her mound. Then he dropped lower, between her legs, pulled her panties to one side, and licked up and down her slit. Damn she tasted delicious. He did it again, this time licking along the insides of her nether lips as well. She opened her legs more for him, so he pushed his head between her legs, and sent his tongue diving right inside her pussy, licking up her sweet juices.

Robert moved back from her a little, and tugged her panties down. Unasked, she lifted one foot off the floor so he could pull them off her, and then he dived right back inside her pussy, licking and sucking along her labia, thrusting his tongue inside her cunt, then flicking across her slit until he reached her clit. He sucked the tiny bundle of nerves hard, then ran his tongue over and around them before sucking on her nub again. Then he returned to tongue fucking her.

Her bra was on the floor beside him, so he knew Edward would be playing with Bethany’s breasts. Between them they hoped to bring her to orgasm just with kissing and touching, before they took her to bed and fucked her properly. She was wiggling and pressing her pussy to his mouth, so he could only hope they were doing it right. She was certainly very wet. Her juices flooded his tongue. She tasted wonderful. Truly sweet, which was so appropriate because her nature was sweet and kind.

Robert grabbed her ass with both hands, and concentrated on teasing her with his tongue, driving it deep inside her, then licking over her slit, up and around her clit, then back inside her again. Gradually he let his thumb touch her tiny puckered rear entry, smoothing it around and around the rim, and then finally pressing it inside her. As soon as he did, her cunt flooded his mouth with her cream. He was so pleased to know she liked being touched there his cock nearly forced its way through his pants, but he made himself wait, hold on, and focus on Bethany. Beautiful, sweet, delightful Bethany.

He took her clit in his mouth again, gently scraping his teeth over the tiny hot button, then sucking and soothing it. Bethany was making very tiny whimpering noises, so he assumed she was close to coming. Emboldened, he thrust a finger deep into her ass, twisting and turning it as he tongue fucked her. Above him he could sense Edward making love to her mouth and her breasts, and he knew Edward would also be touching her everywhere he could to arouse her.

And then she shattered, flooding his mouth with her juices, her pussy quivering around his tongue and her legs wobbling until he held her waist supporting her as he sucked up all her cream.

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