Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Mate to Treasure. Remember Bethany?

"A Mate to Treasure" is available for pre-order. It's book five in the "Wolf Pack Mates" series and is set at the DADISP (the Desperate and Dateless Interspecies Mating Party). For anyone who has read the "Unchained Love" books set at Carnal Connections, the BDSM community, Bethany is David's sister, and there's been sadness and grief in her life. This is her story.

Werewolf shape-shifter brothers Edward and Robert Clarke just want a mate to treasure. Bethany Rees is three quarters panther and one quarter human, and she was rejected because of her mixed heritage. She came to the Interspecies Mating Party hoping that here she would be accepted for herself, but can she find the courage to risk heartbreak again?

The men know they aren’t rich or powerful, but they are prepared to love and cherish her forever. But Bethany is wary of committing to anyone yet, and besides, maybe their pack would reject her anyway. Cautiously she gets to know the men and spends time with them in bed and in a BDSM scene, not knowing that other dangers surround her, too. She still can’t take that step of placing her life in their hands. Will they be able to win her love and her trust before the week-long party is over or something tragic happens?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

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