Friday, 9 August 2013

Finding Their Mate is out today!

Finding Their Mate (MFM) Wolf Pack Mates book 4

Werewolf shape-shifters Kyan Marrok and Aragon Zev want Bianca Phillips, the redheaded papercraft artist. But she’s a red fox and isn’t going to ruin their lives by letting them love her.

The Alpha throws them together to help plan the week-long mating party. Sex is inevitable, but ongoing romance is much harder to arrange. So much could go wrong with the party with so many male wolves and so few females available. Aragon and Kyan are determined to bind Bianca to them before the party starts. She’s just as determined not to get involved with wolves, especially since Kyan is a bossy Dom. She just wants to do her job properly and please the Alpha. But even that isn’t easy because nothing is going to plan, although the men are caring and the sex is excellent. But there can never be love between their species.


Aragon wondered if Kyan was going to tell him to stay away from Bianca. That he’d seen her first. That was true. Kyan had found her first. But Aragon didn’t think he could leave her alone. She called to his soul in a way no person ever had before. He wanted her desperately, yet he knew almost nothing about her. He wouldn’t give her up for anyone, but he would share her. With so few suitable females, sharing was a fact of life these days.

At the edge of the property Kyan stopped and turned around. They stood almost toe to toe so they could look at each other.

“I know you want Bianca and I want her, too. The Supreme has said both sharing and mating humans is allowed, and of course, Jasper has already done this as have several others. I propose we ask Bianca to mate with us both. Tonight.”

“Tonight? But we haven’t dated her or learned anything about her. At least I haven’t. Have you?”

“I followed her home last night and she isn’t living with a partner. But I haven’t dated her. I don’t think we can take the time to do that type of thing. Weeks and months of going dancing and to movies. Long before we finish the standard way of doing things other wolves—or men—will have stepped in and stolen her from us. We need to act fast, decisively. Today.”

It wasn’t the way Aragon would have done it. But what did he know about women? Nothing. So he nodded. “But we still need to date her tonight. Ask her out to eat at least. All she has eaten all day here is an apple. She has to be starving. I know I am, and I ate a couple hot dogs.”

“You’re right. Asking her over a meal will be better. And she can choose where we go to eat which means it’ll be something she likes. Her trash mostly had fruit peelings in it. Not real food.”

“What? You looked in her trash?” Aragon could hardly believe what he was hearing. Could Kyan really have done that?

“I was trying to see if the bungalow was her grandmother’s house or hers.”

“She has a grandmother?”

“I don’t know. But the bungalow was one of those places grandparents often live in.”

Aragon was beginning to think he’d walked into this conversation halfway through, when he knew he’d been there at the start. But he really didn’t understanding everything. “Perhaps you’d better start again and tell me about what happened. I’m confused.”

Kyan sighed and looked a little embarrassed. “I followed her home last night to learn a bit more about her. She lives in a bungalow in the yard of a regular house. I didn’t know whether it was her house or if she was visiting someone there, like a grandparent for instance. Later I walked around, but she has blankets covering her windows so I looked in her trash. It was mostly fruit and vegetable peels.”

“Okay. So at the end of the craft market today we invite her out to dinner. She chooses the place and we romance her and learn more about her.”

“Exactly. Then we take her home to my place, fuck her brains out and ask her to mate with us.”

Aragon wasn’t sure that would work. “What if she won’t go home with us?”

“She will if we do the meal part right. She has to see how much we want her and how important it is to get her to commit to us before other men start chasing after her.”

“But will it be safe to take her onto the pack lands. Might it be better to go to a hotel?”

Kyan nodded. “That’s a better idea. We can book somewhere really nice. Something that will be more romantic than just going back to my house.”

Aragon watched as Kyan scrolled through his cell phone until they decided on a hotel in town that overlooked the river. “She’s an artist, so seeing all the city lights should be something she’ll like,” said Aragon.

They planned some more about how the night would go and who’d do what. “As long as she has three or four orgasms she should be happy,” said Kyan.

But Aragon wondered if that would be enough to make her say yes. He was very much aware of how little he knew about women, but he had a gut feeling the process was a bit more complicated than they were making it. He hoped Kyan’s desperate desire for the woman wasn’t overruling his judgment. It was very obvious how passionately Kyan wanted to be with Bianca. He felt the same. But he worried they were moving too fast.

Together they helped her wheel her two suitcases back to her car. Then they stood one on each side of her and Kyan said, “We hope you’ll agree to come to dinner with us tonight. You choose the place and we’ll go there. Wherever you’d like. We just want to be with you.”

Bianca popped her trunk and lifted the roll-on suitcases inside. “No.”

“Please reconsider. Please let us be with you and get to know you over a meal,” begged Aragon. He was aware of how pathetic he sounded, begging her like this, but he wanted her so much he couldn’t bear it if she refused them right from the get-go.

Bianca climbed into her car and buckled up her seat belt. “No.”

“Why not? You can choose where we go, what we eat, what we do,” asked Kyan.

Bianca turned her engine on. “Because you’re both wolves and I’m a red fox. There can never be anything between us.” She gunned the engine, slammed her car door closed, and pulled out of the parking lot.

“You know about us?” Kyan asked to the dust of her departing tires.

“You’re what?” added Aragon, feeling as if she’d just run him over.

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