Sunday, 12 May 2013

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"Protected by Wolves" (MFM, Shjape-Shifter, BDSM) "Shape-Shifter Clinic" book 4

Someone’s trying to kill Ellie Roth. But is it her hateful family or because she works at the shape-shifter clinic? Dr. Oscar Thorne and the werewolf Alpha both believe it’s all about the clinic. They tell wolves Mike Eden and Rowan Fisher to guard her with their lives.

Ellie just wants to be left alone. Car accidents, punks with iron bars in the stairwell, it’s all life as usual for a single woman living alone and with a family who hates her. Mike and Rowan are determined to protect her whether she wants them to or not. Besides, sleeping in her apartment has very exciting potential. Mike’s a Dom and he’ll keep Ellie safe or die trying. But Ellie has so many secrets and she isn’t sharing them with the men.

Meanwhile danger is everywhere around Ellie, and around the clinic, too.

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