Friday, 3 May 2013

Hell Yes! Out TODAY!

The Patient Is a Shark (Menage, MFM, werewolf, BDSM) "Shape-Shifter Clinic" book 3.

Wynter Hall is a great white shark. She urgently needs knee surgery after a near miss with a sports fisherman, but how can she get across the country to the shape-shifter clinic? Clinic handyman and Dom, Quinn Johnson, and personal care attendant Rainer King come to escort her. Just as well because someone doesn’t want the clinic to succeed and tries to prevent Wynter from arriving safely.

First she receives e-mails telling her the clinic is a fraud. Then the attacks get far more violent and personal. The wolf pack is keeping an eye on them and provides them safe places to stay at night where Wynter, who must swim every day, can shape-shift and swim. But it’s a long way from California to Ohio by road with a shark, three people in lust with each other, a Dom wanting to be in control, and someone determined to stop them at all costs.


Very carefully he rested his hand on her right hip, relishing the feel of her slightly rough skin under his palm. He could hear her breathing, soft and light, and Quinn’s, deeper and heavier, and guessed they were both asleep. Quietly he lowered his head to the pillow and lay still, basking in the pure joy of holding a beautiful woman in his arms.

He must have fallen asleep because it was starting to grow light when he opened his eyes next. Wynter was grinding her ass against his cock, and his cock was loving it. He loved it, too, but his brain was trying to remind him it wasn’t necessarily a good idea.

Before he could say anything, she lifted Quinn’s T-shirt off and threw it on the floor, then reached behind her and grabbed his cock out of his boxers in a determined fist.

“Wynter?” he gulped.

“Fuck me, please. Take me from behind so it doesn’t hurt my knee. Do it, Rainer, please, please, please. I need you to fuck me right now.”

She let go of his cock and placed her hands on her panties, trying to tug them down. His brain was out to lunch right now, but his hands instantly cooperated in sliding the tiny garment down her legs and off over her feet.

“Quinn, suck my breasts. Lick them, bite them, help me to come,” she ordered.

Rainer’s cock was already trying to push into her pussy from behind but with his last functioning brain cell he managed to ask, “Wynter, are you sure about this? Are you sure you want us to fuck you?”

“Yes, yes, now, please. Fuck me now.”

Rainer couldn’t wait any longer. It was what he wanted above all things anyway. He pressed his cock between her legs into her hot and welcoming cunt. She was very wet, very ready for him, and he held her hips and began to pump into her, his mouth pressing kisses to her shoulder as he did.

On the other side of her, Quinn was groaning, his mouth on her breasts. Well Quinn wasn’t holding back saying it wasn’t professional either.

Rainer stopped thinking and started feeling. Feeling her skin pushing back against him, her ass cheeks no longer soft, but rough and scratchy now, her back the same. Feeling the tightness and heat of her gripping his cock in a warm, firm, wet fist, more wonderful than he could ever have imagined.

He pressed his chest to her back, holding her shoulders, kissing her skin, pumping into her with his hips working hard, wanting to pleasure her with everything he could offer her.

Wynter was making little whimpering noises now, her butt pushing back against him, her hips rotating and driving him wild. Quinn’s face was against her skin, and over Wynter’s happy little noises he could hear Quinn’s murmurs of appreciation, too.

He slid one hand down her side, stroking and petting her every inch of the way until he reached her hip. For long moments he drew circles on her skin with his fingertips, gradually working his way closer and closer to her pussy, until finally he could touch her clit. It was burning hot and engorged. Happily, he stroked it while he continued to thrust into her strongly, trying to penetrate her as deeply as he could with his cock, to pleasure her to the utmost.

Quinn’s face was buried between her breasts, and he had one hand on each, playing with the nipples. Rainer could see how huge her nipples were, could feel how aroused her clit was, and could hear more of the happy noises she was making. She was still pressing back onto his cock, driving him wild with need.


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