Sunday, 19 May 2013

Protected by Wolves is out now.

"Protected by Wolves" (MFM, BDSM, Shape-Shifter) "Shape-Shifter Clinic" book 4

Someone’s trying to kill Ellie Roth. But is it her hateful family or because she works at the shape-shifter clinic? Dr. Oscar Thorne and the werewolf Alpha both believe it’s all about the clinic. They tell wolves Mike Eden and Rowan Fisher to guard her with their lives.

Ellie just wants to be left alone. Car accidents, punks with iron bars in the stairwell, it’s all life as usual for a single woman living alone and with a family who hates her. Mike and Rowan are determined to protect her whether she wants them to or not. Besides, sleeping in her apartment has very exciting potential. Mike’s a Dom and he’ll keep Ellie safe or die trying. But Ellie has so many secrets and she isn’t sharing them with the men.

Meanwhile danger is everywhere around Ellie, and around the clinic, too.


“Ellie, do you understand we both want you?” asked Rowan.

Ellie nodded. “I’m friends with Ambrielle, remember. I haven’t ever…two men…” She blushed, her chest rose and fell fast a couple of times, then she said, “But I’m willing to learn.”

“When I said I wanted to spank you and Mike I wasn’t joking,” added Rowan.

This time Ellie blushed but she answered strongly, “Friends with Ambrielle, remember?”

Thank God for Ambrielle!

“This first time will be just for you. We’re going to arouse you and see how many times we can make you come,” said Rowan.

This time Ellie blushed even more brightly though Mike wasn’t sure why. He just wanted Rowan to tell him to touch her somewhere, or kiss her, or anything really.

Rowan moved around to Ellie’s left side and gestured Mike to her right. “Half each?”


Mike helped Rowan remove her bra and panties, then he bent his head to press light kisses along her rib cage and her breast. Since she was so slender there wasn’t room for both men to have their heads over her body at once, so Mike moved lower down and played with her belly button. It was as dainty as the rest of her, and he licked all around it before plunging his tongue inside it and giving one tiny nip to the rim.

Next he moved lower, licking, sucking, and kissing his way across her lower abdomen to her mound. She was so lovely, her pale skin glowing from his touches, her hips wiggling a little as if to guide him to the place where she wanted his mouth. The place his mouth wanted to be, too.

Mike was determined to do his share of the seducing, to ensure she came higher and harder than she ever had before, hopefully all over his mouth and then his cock.

Gently he licked a line down the center of her flat belly and into the light-brown curls covering her mound. His tongue found her clit, and he prodded the tiny button, teasing it, wanting it to stand up for him.

He almost burst with pride when her clit responded, peeking out of its hood. Now he sucked the little button into his mouth, pulling on it, demanding it swell and heighten Ellie’s excitement.

Damn, she’s responsive! Her clit was already warm and engorged. As was his cock, which was demanding some action. Firmly he told his cock to wait while he concentrated on Ellie.

Mike looked up into Ellie’s face. He had to stand up straight to see her over Rowan’s body. Rowan was sucking one breast and stroking her side at the same time. Mike felt a burst of appreciation for the Dom who was sticking to his own half of Ellie’s body, not touching her other breast even though Mike was concentrating on her pussy. And he couldn’t really only suck half her pussy, although perhaps he’d only lick one set of labia. That would be fair.

Grinning to himself, Mike bent to his task, mentally drawing a line down Ellie’s cunt and licking and sucking on “his” set of lips. In the spirit of compliance, he even flicked his tongue in hard against his side of her pussy walls, although he was pretty sure his tongue was cheating over the midline. Damn, she tasted delicious. Very sweet, as he’d known she would be, and so cooperative, raising her hips to his mouth as his tongue stroked inside her cunt.

Suddenly desperate to make her come, Mike redoubled his efforts, teasing her clit, licking and sucking on her lips, thrusting his tongue deep inside the welcoming heat of her pussy. Her legs were thrashing now as her hips pumped up into his face and her body arched, presumably to thrust her breast deeper into Rowan’s mouth. Then she gave a tiny sigh, and his mouth was flooded with her honey. Carefully he stroked and licked her skin to soothe her down from her high, but he couldn’t help smiling at how like herself she was even in orgasm, quiet, restrained, what his mother would call “ladylike.” Yeah, that was it, a real, genuine ladylike orgasm.

“Are you as experienced with cocks as you are with bananas?” asked Rowan.

Ellie blushed slightly, but Mike saw the gleam in her silver eyes.

“Not very experienced, but I think I know what to do. Would you like me to take a practical test?”

Mike didn’t know about Rowan, but his cock sure liked that idea. It was sticking straight out from his body, trying to get to her all by itself.

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