Monday, 27 May 2013

Never Underestimate a Wolf is available for pre-order

The latest "Shape-Shifter Clinic" book is now available for pre-order.

"Never Underestimate a Wolf" is Tegan's story. Harry may be a grumpy old bear, but with Jayden's help, Tegan is more than capable of taming him.

Tegan Carter’s been hired as a security guard for the shape-shifter clinic. Harry Harrison’s certain she’s useless. Or a spy. Or both.

Jayden Powell’s convinced Dr. Oscar Thorne would never make such a mistake. Besides, Harry’s a bear. A grumpy grizzly bear. But George Thorne is still determined to attack the clinic and anything could happen.

Everything Tegan does incites Harry’s anger. When she solves a problem, he’s even more certain she’s on George’s team. When she doesn’t, it proves she’s a useless female. And when he rips her shirt off to check she’s not wearing a wire, Tegan attacks him back.

Jayden tries to be the voice of reason between the wolf and the bear, but he wants her too, yet Harry’s his Dom and his friend. The passion between these three is as incendiary and explosive as anything that might happen to the clinic.

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