Friday, 15 February 2013

At last: Verity's Story is Here

"The Dom Claims His Cougar" (MFM) BDSM Shape-Shifter "Unchained Love" book 7

Noah Quinn and Ezra Anderson want to mate with Verity Griffin. But Verity is confused. Someone has been stalking the women on Facebook, terrifying them. Other rogue panthers are still free to harass them, and everything seems to be moving way too fast. She wants to be consulted about their future life and have a house of her own. Fortunately there’s a wedge of land at the corner of the movie studio and Carnal Connections where they can build their house and should be reasonably safe.

With the postponement of their mating, Noah organizes a surprise for Verity. Will it make their sex life even better or just put more barriers between them?

Danger still surrounds them. How long will it take before the house is ready and they can finally be together? And will the men be able to keep Verity safe in their new house?


Ezra Anderson was bent over a whipping bench, his hands and feet cuffed to the bench, his ass elevated for easy whipping. He’d been Noah Quinn’s sub for over a year now, but it wasn’t until they’d met Verity at a Carnal Connections BDSM party that he’d felt there was any hope for a permanent relationship. Both he and Noah liked to fuck women. But there’d only been one woman he’d ever wanted to fuck since the day he’d seen Verity. The night she turned twenty-one had been so freeing because then he and Noah could finally take her the way they wanted to, as a true ménage.

Up until then they’d kissed her and touched her, ensured she knew she was theirs, but panthers insisted a woman be twenty-one before she was considered fully adult, before there was any ménage sex, so they’d had to wait. It’d only been a few months, but it had seemed more like years. Waiting for her had been the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. Now they were to be mated, to express their love for each other, and to live together forever.

Verity and Serena Griffin were actually cougars. Ezra wasn’t exactly sure how it worked, panthers were panthers to him, but to the pack, the differences between panther, puma, and cougar were obvious, and the twins were cougars.

Ezra used his peripheral vision to stare at Verity. She was manacled to another bench to his right. Her reddish-brown bob-cut hair had fallen forward to reveal her delicate neck, and of course he couldn’t see her face at all, but he knew her hazel-brown eyes would be sparkling. She loved the tension and drama of BDSM sex as much as the two men did. She wasn’t as willful and perverse as her sister, but she was known to push the boundaries to test Noah. Ezra knew Noah delighted in that deliberate disobedience which so truly demonstrated she wanted more.

Ezra loved her wicked mind, too. He loved the fire and spirit in her that showed she was so much more than just a sexy body. She was all woman, but that included her female way of looking at life, which opened his male mind up to a whole spectrum of new possibilities.

Just then the cane cracked onto his own ass. Sharp, hard, a distinct sting. Ezra relaxed into his bindings and waited for the next stroke and the next. Six hard lines burned into his ass, heating it on the outside and heating him on the inside. Burns so good. His cock had already been hard with the excitement of the three of them being together in the dungeon, but now it was growing longer, harder. Soon he’d have to start exerting control over it so he didn’t come too soon.

Ezra could hear the cane cracking down on Verity. He knew Noah wouldn’t punish her as forcefully as he’d punished Ezra. Their Dom knew exactly how hard to hit, where to hit, and how often to hit them so that they both received maximum pleasure.

Now the cane burned a fiery line across his shoulders, then another, and another. Before he could catch his breath it was slashing across his butt again, this time at an angle across the marks already there. His shoulders heated, but nothing like the deep burn of his ass. Damn, that felt good. The intense, sharp pains were so freeing. It was as if the more his ass hurt, the more his spirit soared free. He didn’t consider himself the least bit poetic, but it was pure poetry, the way the pain in his ass released the pleasure bound tightly inside him so that he could relax into each stroke of the cane, knowing his pleasure would only rise higher and higher.

Even when Noah stopped working on him and turned his attention to Verity, Ezra’s ass burned hot and his mind was filled with joy and happiness. He was with the woman he loved and the Dom who knew exactly how to ensure all three of them would explode into thrilling orgasms. Soon they’d all fly higher and harder together as they fucked.

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