Friday, 1 February 2013

The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther OUT TODAY!

"The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther" (MFM), BDSM, Shapeshifter
"Unchained Love" Book 5 out today!

Half-panther Autumn Hayes is attracted to human Dom Curtis Cole and werewolf shape-shifter Nicholas Sullivan, even though she knows an alliance between a wolf and panther would never be possible.

Nicholas and Curtis are joint owners of a small boutique movie studio, but when they make love to her on one of the sets there, they discover that the rogue panthers aren’t finished with their crime spree and nowhere is safe.

Realizing that the best way they can protect Autumn is for them all to live at Carnal Connections, Curtis and Nicholas devise a plan to move their studio to the land adjoining the BDSM community. But will the people and shifters of Carnal Connections, already on edge, accept their plan, or will they be rejected as a threat to the community’s security?

However Nicholas and Curtis will just be wasting their time if Autumn can’t get past her fears of uniting a panther shape-shifter, a werewolf, and a human. How can they convince the scared community when they can’t even convince their reluctant mate?


Nicholas reached for her, but she sidestepped him and continued buttoning up her blouse.

“When you’re my sub you will do as I say,” warned Curtis.

“But I haven’t agreed to be your sub, have I?”

“But you will agree. And soon,” he said.

Autumn shot him a look. Something else in the “no” box. First the wolf thing, now the Dom thing. “Don’t push me,” she warned him.

Nicholas jumped out of bed. “I may as well get dressed to drive you home then, otherwise I’ll have to lend you one of our trucks.”

Curtis nodded and threw the quilt to the floor.

After she was dressed, she retrieved her purse and dug through it for a hairbrush then neatly plaited her hair into a single braid.

“I like it out, but I like it like that, too,” said Curtis.

Autumn sniffed. Something smelled wrong. “Did you leave the grill on tonight?”

“Huh?” asked Curtis.

Like her, Nicholas had the extra-sensitive nose of a wild animal. “Fire!” he said, racing for the door to the building.

“Stay here,” ordered Curtis.

That instruction made sense to her, since she really didn’t know her way around the set and was likely to trip over bits of scenery or props and hurt herself or get in their way. She slung her purse over her shoulder and walked into a more central area so she could see both the back door to the sets, which was where Nicholas had gone, and the big roller door through which they’d driven the car, which was the way Curtis left, just opening it high enough for him to duck under it.

Autumn wished she had her extra-sensitive animal ears to listen for any unusual noises. But unless she transformed into her panther she couldn’t sharpen her senses anymore right now. Besides, likely someone had simply dropped a cigarette butt in a trash can somewhere which had finally caught alight or something easy and obvious like that.

The movie site was fenced, but the fence was nothing a fit person couldn’t climb over. It was more designed to prevent passersby from wandering onto a scene and ruining the filming than anything else. It wasn’t like there were things here worth stealing. The furniture was all inside the buildings and there were no genuine antiques or expensive artworks. Almost everything was designed to look good in the background of a shot, not to be inspected closely for flaws.

Autumn paced impatiently for a while, but the burning smell got no worse, and she couldn’t hear any worrying noises. Finally, she wandered over to the other living room scene, the one with the wooden floor, and stared at it carefully. The two armchairs and the couch were the real thing, but the painting on the wall, the bookshelf over to the side, complete with books, and the window on the back wall were all just painted onto wooden sets. She walked around behind them and the backs had different scenes painted on them, old stone walls, like part of a castle, with detachable triangular wooden bracing poles. It was actually quite fascinating as an example of an optical illusion, she supposed.

The roller door squealed and she turned suddenly, her purse banging into her thigh. Impatiently, she hitched it higher up her shoulder and stepped out of the set and into the open concrete-floored area to see which one had returned, Nicholas or Curtis. But it wasn’t either of them. It was a man she didn’t recognize. Likely, he was someone who worked here and had come to investigate the smell as well.

“Hi. I’m Autumn. Is everything outside all right?”

“I was going to say this whole evening has been a waste of time. There’s nothing here of value at all. But you’re one of those panthers, which means you’re of value. Drew and Charlie should pay me some big bucks to hand you over to them. Come over here, my pretty. We won’t wait for the others, because they may want to share you. I’m going to get me some nice money for you, oh yes, I surely am.”

“I don’t think so.” Autumn gripped her heavy purse firmly and waited for him to come closer. As soon as he got in range she’d be aiming for his head. Hitting his balls with her purse would hurt a lot more, but it was a much smaller target. Anywhere she hit his head should be enough to knock some sense into him. It was a damn shame she didn’t carry Mace or hairspray with her, but the sheer weight of the bag would do enough damage, she hoped.

“Come on, pretty one. You come to Jim now.”

The man was sidling up to her, trying to grab her unawares, but she wasn’t stupid enough to take her gaze off him for a moment.

Finally, he leaped forward and she swung her purse at his head with all her strength. He screamed and staggered backward, raising both arms to hold his head and therefore leaving his balls unprotected. She kicked up hard, slamming her foot into them, and when he dropped to his knees she belted him over the head again with her purse. Autumn ran to the bedroom set she and the men had used and quickly unhooked one of the sets of handcuffs then ran back and cuffed his hands in front of him. Back she went again for a second pair of handcuffs and secured his ankles. Then she moved well away from him as he was already stirring and swearing. When he found he couldn’t stand up he began screaming abuse at her.

“Hey, you were going to capture me. I captured you. Fair’s fair,” she said.

“They’ll put me back in jail, you bitch.”

“You should have thought of that before coming here, shouldn’t you?”

The man began shuffling on his bottom toward the roller door.

“Just keep doing that if you want me to knock you unconscious,” Autumn said, swinging her purse. He gave her a filthy look but stayed still.

Cara Adams.

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