Friday, 22 February 2013

"Unchained Love" is complete!

The last "Unchained Love" book is published!

For those who have been wondering about David, this is his story.

Panther Dom Galen Driscoll tells part-panther David Rees that their Alpha is looking for two men to teach Peyton about BDSM and ménage sex. David is ready to be Galen’s sub, and likes the idea of sharing a woman with Galen, but is attracted to Diane Hagen, a human accountant. Galen is open to sharing Diane instead of Peyton, so they visit her and suggest some getting-to-know-you sex and BDSM in the dungeon at Carnal Connections. Diane has been looking for a new Dom for a while and is more than willing to try ménage sex with these two men, so she agrees.

The relationship is going well, but then David’s world collapses. There are graffiti attacks on the movie studio, and for some reason the police seem to think he’s involved. Is he going to end up in jail for something he didn’t do? Will Galen and Diane no longer accept him?

Diane had been an interested onlooker for the past six months or so as various members of the Carnal Connections community had mated into triads, especially among the shape-shifting panthers.

Diane had been at Carnal Connections since it began over five years ago, loving the BDSM lifestyle and sharing a Dom with various other unmarried men and women. More recently she was between Doms, because she wanted a man who would fulfill her not just in the dungeon but also in the bedroom. Finding such a man was extremely difficult. She’d also been considering the idea of a ménage. The idea of two men fucking her, which she’d watched with amazement at some of the more recent parties at Carnal Connections, had definite appeal. Diane liked her sex hot, but she wanted to make a connection with a man first.

“I guess now that I’m thirty it’s time to be thinking about settling down.” But Luke and Jeff, unmarried humans, didn’t appeal to her. “Perhaps an older man like Raegan, Kurt, or Frank?” But no, she’d seen the look in Jill’s eye when it rested on Raegan, and no way would she go there.

“Galen?” Now he was yummy, Tall, blond, and totally bedworthy. Except that she’d heard he’d left the panther pack when Sam Brooks had told him to get away from Leticia. If he was still in love with Leticia, even though she was mated now to Oliver and William, it would be beyond stupid of her to lose her heart to him.

There was David of course. David had been taken into the community upon Leticia’s desperate wish and under the supervision of JB, the community’s builder. At first she’d stayed away from him, not trusting him, but more recently she’d seen how hard he worked, how much care and attention to detail he gave every project no matter how minor, and what a thoroughly nice man he’d developed into. She’d be willing to get to know David better. The only problem was he wasn’t a Dom, and she needed a Dom.

Besides, they were both younger than her. Not a whole lot, but definitely younger. Galen was maybe twenty-five or twenty-six. David was likely the same or even a year younger than that. So there was no way they’d be looking at a woman who was thirty.

“Stop talking to yourself and get back to work.” Diane grinned. One of the things about working alone so much was that she did talk to herself a lot, and it was something she needed to stop doing. Sooner or later someone would overhear something she shouldn’t have said out loud.

She really needed to get a sex life, though. She’d had a very good dildo for years. More recently she’d added a butt plug to her toy box. But neither of those was as good as a Dom with a firm hand who understood her needs. And preferably one who had a firm cock as well.

Diane giggled then blushed as someone knocked at her office door.

“Come on in,” she called, hoping her cheeks weren’t too flushed.

Oh, shit. Galen and David. If they knew what she’d just been thinking about, likely they’d run away from her as fast as they could.

“Hi there. Do you have accounts you need help with?” she asked as calmly as she could, surreptitiously wiping her clammy hands on her jeans under the desk.

“No, but we do want to talk to you. Is now okay?” asked Galen.

“Sure. I’m only working tonight because I had nothing else particular to do, not because there’s a rush project I need to finish,” she replied. And how pathetic does that make me sound?

“Oh, good.”

Galen was fidgeting, so Diane hurried to say, “Why don’t you sit down then, both of you, and tell me what the problem is.” She hoped she sounded professional, not confused as to why they were here.

“Right. Before I make a total fool of myself, could you please confirm that you don’t have a Dom at the moment? And also that you don’t have a significant other?” asked Galen, perching on the edge of a chair in front of her desk.

Diane forced her mouth shut. Had these men overheard her thoughts or something? She hadn’t mentioned their names out loud, had she? She certainly hadn’t said the word “sex” out loud, she was sure about that. They were both staring at her, their eyes big and concerned. She couldn’t help noticing that they were quite similar in coloring. Galen was blond with silver eyes. David’s hair was dirty blond and longer than Galen’s. His eyes were very light blue, a color that was almost gray. He was shorter than Galen, but Galen was a big man, so David wasn’t undersized by anyone’s estimation.

She shook her head then said, “No Dom, no significant other.” For a brief moment she thought about expanding on that statement then decided, No. Leave them to ask me what they want. I don’t even know why they’re visiting me yet, so there’s no need to tell them about the sad state of my sex life. Nonsex life, that is.

Galen leaned forward, his gaze firmly fixed on her face. “I’m a Dom. David and I are not yet Dom and sub, but before we begin that relationship we wanted a woman to join us. We both want you to join us.”

Diane blinked and had to force her mouth to stay closed instead of dropping open in shock. Holy shit! Maybe they had read her mind.

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