Friday, 8 February 2013

OUT TODAY! The Dom Tests her Serenity.

"The Dom Tests Her Serenity" (MFM), BDSM, shape-shifters. "Unchained Love" book 6.

Serena Griffin had a very public breakup with Pete Jackson and Josh Taylor over a misunderstanding. When Pete and Josh explain themselves to Serena, she agrees to give them another try and spends the night with them. Serena has the best night of her life—until she realizes they never once said they loved her or wanted to mate her.

Sure she’s given her heart away to two panthers who are only looking for something casual, Serena panics and finds a place to hide until everything blows over. But she might have more reason to hide when she sees a man lurking near her work and realizes the rogue panthers are back.

Pete and Josh are in trouble with their Alpha for pushing Serena away. How can they get him on their side again to help them win Serena back and show her they want her bound to them forever, not just in the dungeon?

Serena leaned against the still-shaking door and fought hard not to cry. Within the next five minutes the entire community would know she’d broken up with Josh and Pete. She’d thought she loved them both, had even considered they’d maybe mate one day, and to have Josh so casually say, “But we never wear a condom when we fuck and we’re not going to start wearing one now,” had killed all her hopes and expectations stone-dead.

She wasn’t stupid. She knew that men their age, late twenties, wouldn’t be virgins. But bloody hell, they’d been dating her for months. Couldn’t they keep their pricks in their pants for a few months? Why did they think they had a left hand, for fuck’s sake?

“Dad would be disappointed in you, Serena.” The voice spoke through the door, the mouth almost exactly at her ear level. Her twin, Verity.


“You used bloody six times in the one sentence.”

Serena quickly thought back to what she’d asked. What do you bloody mean you never bloody wear a bloody condom? How many bloody women have you bloody slept with already? I thought you bloody cared about me?

“It was two—no, three—sentences, and at least I didn’t say fuck or shit like anyone else would have.”

“Are you going to open the door and let me in?”

Serena sighed, took a deep breath, stood behind the door where no one could see her wearing only her underwear, and opened it a mere inch. Her sister’s fingers appeared in the gap, pushing the door wider, as Verity slid through the smallest possible space, leaving Serena hidden behind the solid wood.

“There’s a hell of a mess in the hallway,” Verity said conversationally.

“Josh and Pete can clean it up. I’m not.” Serena sagged onto the floor and rested her head on her knees. Instantly Verity was beside her, putting an arm around her shoulder as she had done so often when they were children.

Serena couldn’t stop the tears anymore. “I love them and they’ve been fucking other women, or one other woman, without using protection, all along. They could be about to become fathers, or have caught diseases, or anything. It’s such incredibly selfish and stupid behavior. It disrespects everyone and I never thought they’d be like that. A true Dom always cares properly for his sub. He doesn’t risk her health and happiness by acting in a selfish immature way. ”

Verity held her tighter. “That sucks. But if they’ve been fucking a whole bunch of different women, maybe that’s because it was just sex and they really do love you.”

“I’d like to cut their fucking balls off,” said Serena, looking up at Verity.

“But then you couldn’t fuck them if you ever change your mind. Why not just chain them in one of the dungeons for a week or two?”

“Without food.”

“Yes. Only water. Just enough so they don’t get ill.”

“Oh, I like that plan.”

“See, you’re feeling better already. Now, tell me what happened,” ordered Verity.

“They took me out to dinner, which they’ve done a few times. But tonight they asked to come into my room afterward, and I thought we were finally going to fuck. You know how much I love them, even though I haven’t said anything to anyone else. Or I thought I loved them. Likely it was just my imagination, but I thought we were exclusive, a unit. I thought one day we’d get mated. I thought they cared about me.”

Verity nodded.

“We were kissing and—” Serena blushed. She wasn’t sure how innocent Verity was nowadays, so maybe it would be better not to go into too much detail. She rather thought her twin wasn’t a virgin anymore, but still…“And that’s when Josh said they never wore condoms and weren’t going to start wearing one for me.”

She turned to Verity and said what had made her almost as mad as the thought of them having another woman in their lives. “I can’t bear the thought they were two-timing me and loving another woman. Making both of us unhappy. But even if they were just sleeping around, being a panther doesn’t stop them getting a human woman pregnant, and there’s still the possibility of them getting some sexually transmitted disease.”

Verity gave Serena another hug then moved slightly forward so they were more face-to-face. “You feel they betrayed your trust.”

“They did betray my trust. And who knows if their actions will cause all sorts of problems in the future, like Sam’s abandonment of his son David did.”

Serena leaned back against the door. Outside she could hear people moving around and the whirr of a vacuum cleaner in action. Suddenly she giggled. “Do you think they’ll have to pay for the smashed crockery and vase?”

“It would serve them right.” Verity laughed.

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