Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Unchained Love: The Dom Claims His Cougar

"The Dom Claims His Cougar" (MFM)BDSM shape-shifter, "Unchained Love" book 7 is now available for pre-order.

This is Verity's story and she's just as feisty as Serena, although in a less dramatic manner!

Noah Quinn and Ezra Anderson want to mate with Verity Griffin. But Verity is confused. Someone has been stalking the women on Facebook, terrifying them. Other rogue panthers are still free to harass them, and everything seems to be moving way too fast. She wants to be consulted about their future life and have a house of her own. Fortunately there’s a wedge of land at the corner of the movie studio and Carnal Connections where they can build their house and should be reasonably safe.

With the postponement of their mating, Noah organizes a surprise for Verity. Will it make their sex life even better or just put more barriers between them?

Danger still surrounds them. How long will it take before the house is ready and they can finally be together? And will the men be able to keep Verity safe in their new house?

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